Tracks – the best way to learn on this blog

There are three major ways of learning on this blog, depending on how much time you have, what your favorite learning style is and which areas of your life you’d like to improve. Here they are:

1. Browse the archives

You can browse the archives, find a headline you like, read the selected blog post and then implement the knowledge into your life as quickly as possible. Templates, homeworks and practical examples in many blog posts will help you with that.

2. Start with different exercises

The second way is going straight to free templates, downloading the files that interest you the most and starting with exercises. If you get lost or don’t know how to do the exercises, you can go back to blog posts to read the theory.

There is always a corresponding link to theory in the template.

3. Use tracks as guided learning paths

The third option is to take one of the available tracks. You can use tracks as a guided learning paths that train you in large personal development topic areas. Let me explain more about the concept of tracks.

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Tracks – what are they?

You can imagine tracks as going to a structured course that teaches you to master a certain topic step by step. You’re still doing nothing else than reading blog posts one by one and doing different exercises along the way, but you’re doing it in a strict recommended order.

Tracks definitely demand the biggest time investment, but at the end of a track, you will have really mastered the selected subject and will enjoy the most benefits. If you’d like to really improve a certain area of your life, I suggest you learn by choosing the tracks option.

In tracks, you always start with the basics and then build up your knowledge article by article. Here are the tracks that are currently available to you:

  • Productivity framework track
  • Healthy living track
  • Blogging track

Tracks coming soon:

  • Money magnet track
  • Relationships and emotions track
  • Starting your own business track
  • Web development track

Tracks you can currently choose from

You can choose from the following tracks:

AgileLeanLife Productivity Framework track

AgileLeanLife Topics GoalsIt’s the most advanced productivity framework and body of knowledge on how to organize yourself on the strategic, tactical and operational level. You will learn everything from how to build your life strategy to very practical advice on how to organize your life with to-do lists.

It’s the only productivity framework that teaches you how to implement agile development and lean startup techniques into your personal life to increase your productivity. You won’t find anything that comes even close anywhere else” or “You won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

Healthy living track

AgileLeanLife Topics HealthYou can easily get lost in all the contradicting advice about diets and fitness that are out there. There is so much different information available that most people don’t even know where to begin. This track will teach you how to find the perfect diet and sport specifically for you, step by step.

It will also teach you how to stay disciplined regarding your health so that you will enjoy high energy levels and feel good in your own skin.

Blogging track

BloggingAt one point, I decided to become a full-time blogger. It wasn’t an easy choice, since it’s definitely not easy to monetize content on the internet and stand out from the big crowd of more than 200 million blogs. In this track, I share everything I’ve learned about blogging the hard way.

By following the “Becoming a full-time blogger” track, you will learn how to set up your blog, what are the technical traps you have to be aware of, how to structure your blog, get ideas for different blog posts and which are the best strategies for promoting your blog. You can find many resources about that online, but there is no really simple, structured and step-by-step guide that would teach you all the skills necessary for becoming a full-time blogger.

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