Things I enjoy the most in life

Since I’m an extremely serious person, a workaholic and often forget how to enjoy life, I keep a list of the things I enjoy, just to remind myself not to forget to have fun and relax. When I see that I’m becoming bitter, I increase my margin in life and start listening more to myself and my body, and find the best ways to relax in present moment.

No Interruptions Day In The Mountains and Things I enjoy

A no interruption day with my sweetheart.

Here are the things I really enjoy in life:

  • Becoming the best version of myself (continuous improvement)
  • Sex, sex, sex, passion, passion, passion (I am kind of utterly obsesses or I feel nothing)
  • Reading, reading, reading and learning new things (I read really a lot every day)
  • Playing with computers, technology and gadgets
  • Internet and everything digital
  • Having deep and meaningful conversations with people
  • Eating healthy and tasty food
  • Traveling and learning about other cultures
  • Sports: hiking, swimming, cycling, boxing, gym
  • Walks in parks, on the beach or in the woods
  • Helping other people as a mentor or coach
  • Enjoying beautiful and nice surroundings (home, office, car etc.)
  • Driving longer distances
  • Cleaning and tidying things up
  • Watching inspiring TV series and geek shows

I’m not sure if this counts as fun and relaxation, but these are the things I also like and enjoy the most connected with work:

  • Creating cool products and services (from design, UX, product development etc.)
  • Writing, speaking and sharing information
  • Managing people and businesses
  • Brainstorming new ideas
  • Competing (in a healthy manner) and overcoming challenges
  • Getting to know how businesses in different industries work
  • Learning about investing

Things I definitely know I don’t like:

  • Bozos; I really don’t like bozos
  • Shopping centers
  • Loud parties and big crowds
  • Gossiping and meaningless socializing
  • Clock: It’s running so fast and I’m always late
  • Hypocrites, exploiters and people with low moral standards