How technology affects your productivity

How technology affects your productivity

In this blog post, I want to talk about technology and how it affects productivity. Technology is one of the important leverages that can dramatically increase your productivity.

But the problem is, it can also kill it. Technology is nothing but a tool. Like a hammer, for example. With a hammer, you can hammer a nail or nastily hit your fingers.

It depends on how good you are at managing the hammer. It’s same with all contemporary electronics, apps and devices.

If you manage the tech, your productivity level increases. If the tech manages you, your productivity decreases.

The best way to explain technology as leverage is to look at very practical examples of how you can use technology to increase or decrease your productivity.

Technology as a productivity killer

Let’s start with a few examples of how technology can kill your productivity:

As we all do, you probably love your laptop, tablet, phone, maybe even your smart watch and smart TV. But then you let all these lovely devices constantly ring, send you notifications and distract you from doing real work or forging deep connections with people. That’s how your productivity suffers.

Second case. With one click you have access to all the accumulated human knowledge. Yes, I have the internet in mind. But then you rather use all of your lovely devices to browse funny cat photos. That’s how technology is killing your productivity.

Next case. You have a slow computer, full of malware, unorganized folders, and it takes you a decade to find the right file to work on. Not good.

And the last case. You’re spending time with the person you love, they’re explaining something important to you, but you are constantly checking social networks on your phone, afraid you’ll miss out on something.

It might not seem so, but the other person is definitely feeling rejected and ignored. That’s how technology is killing your productivity.

I think you get the main idea.

Technology as a productivity enhancer

Now let’s look at scenarios, in which using tech leads to improvements in productivity:

You decide to listen to audio books during your commute. Your car becomes a University on wheels. You drive and learn. You just became more productive.

You delete all social networks from your phone and install reading apps and apps to watch different online courses. You turn your mobile phone into an educational device. You just became more productive.

You learn new software that enables you to do your work faster or deliver even more value to your customers. You maybe learn to code, design or shoot videos. With every new skill you acquire, your productivity skyrockets and so do your chances of success.

Instead of stalking people on social networks, you spend a limited amount of time on them, for connecting with people all over the globe that you can’t meet in person.

But when you’re spending time with someone you deeply care about, you make sure the phone is not interrupting you. Congratulations, the quality of your relationships will skyrocket and so will your productivity.

technology and productivity

Source: Futurist Gerd

You are the master of your life, not the devices you own

Now you have an important choice to make. Will you be the one managing technology, or will you let technology manage you? Will technology work for you, or will you work for technology? Don’t be a slave to technology, make sure you’re on the right side of the equation.

It’s not hard to do that. Have regular time away from technology, delete all the unnecessary apps, don’t use technology for mental masturbation, avoid multitasking, and make sure technology is not distracting you when you spend time with people or do deep work.

On the other hand, learn to master search engines, different software solutions and applications that are important in your industry, and definitely use quality apps to manage your time, to‑do lists, and so on.

Just make sure technology is working in your favor. That’s it.