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About all the useful skills you should develop, because they are desirable or even necessary for full participation in everyday life.

How to manipulate procrastination like a pro

We all have to deal with procrastination at some point in life. You probably know the feeling when you should get to work but somehow you just can’t and so you fool around all the way up to the last minute, when stress and pressure help you get the job done; or, in an even worse case scenario, the job never gets done. If you aren’t smarter than procrastination, it’s a complete lose-lose situation. The job doesn’t get done or is performed poorly. While you procrastinate, you always have a reminder somewhere behind in your mind that you should be

The power of creative visualization

Visualization is one of the most widespread tools of popular psychology. Despite being a very popular tool, the general public expresses a lot of scepticism over whether visualization can even have a positive effect on your life. So does visualization work? The answer is yes and no, and it depends greatly on the approach of how you start using visualization in practice. In this article you will learn: What is visualization and what is so special about it In which cases visualization works and when it doesn’t How you can improve your life with visualization A few additional ideas for

Formula for success cracked

Do you want to be really successful in life? I mean really, really successful? I can share with you the formula for massive success. But please don’t tell it to anyone else. Just kidding. In fact, the formula for success is extremely easy and simple. It’s nothing people didn’t already know centuries ago. And you know it too, on a very intuitive level. Here it is: Success = Explosion + Control What? I know it’s not what you expected, so let’s dive straight into the practical examples that will show us what this formula really means. Do you want to be

Organize your life and yourself with to-do lists

You can find a lot of conflicting advice online on whether you should keep lists in your life to organize yourself better or not, and why they work and why they don’t. You shouldn’t bother with that at all. Because the AgileLeanLife Framework isn’t only a bunch of to-do lists. It’s a carefully constructed philosophy and system that will help squeeze every single drop of productivity from you and your every single day. In a positive way, of course, since it may sound a little bit harsh. The fact is that an important part of the AgileLeanLife Framework are lists.

The not-to-do list

Lists are definitely a way to organize yourself, if you use them in a wise and lean and agile way – meaning that you keep your lists flexible, do regular retrospection to update your lists and adjust your tasks, limit your workload in a weekly or bi-weekly sprint, focus on the most important tasks every day, have a visual representation of your sprint progress, and so on. Consequently, there are several lists you should keep in order to organize yourself perfectly (you can keep them in notepad as part of your digital brains): Vision list or Vision Backlog of everything you