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90% of my content is completely free, shared in more than 250 articles on this blog. Besides the free content that you can enjoy, I also offer quality premium online courses and books on different topics I blog about.

Nevertheless, if you need my personal help in implementing the knowledge in practice, I offer life coaching, executive coaching and business consulting services. More about it below.

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Life coaching

AgileLeanLife - Services- Life CoachingI have been successfully coaching people for more than 10 years, all over the globe. I offer a unique approach to coaching that gives very concrete results, based on combining different branches of psychology (psychoanalysis, CBT, transactional and others), the best coaching and personal development practices, as well as techniques from agile management, lean entrepreneurship and technology.

I developed several life coaching programs, based on the problems I most often help people solve:

  • Quite successful, but emotionally unsatisfied
  • Not living up to your true potential
  • Getting to know yourself
  • Building a winning life strategy
  • Reaching your long-term goals
  • Increasing your productivity and organizing yourself better
  • Career acceleration or transition
  • Managing your mind and emotions better
  • Ultimate relationship management
  • 101 specific life problems I can help you solve

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Executive coaching

AgileLeanLife - Services - Executive CoachingStarting a new company, surviving fast growth or managing an established company that is under constant threat from competitors is definitely not an easy job.

That’s why every successful entrepreneur or manager needs a highly qualified coach. A lot of research has shown that having the right coach can help a company grow faster, be more profitable and avoid failure when the hard times come.

As Elon Musk said, starting or running a business is like chewing glass. Let me help you chew the glass without getting hurt.

As part of executive coaching, I most often help leaders through the following challenges:

  1. Going through startup failure
  2. Managing high growth
  3. Becoming an extraordinary leader
  4. Becoming a productive executive that delivers results
  5. Developing specific leadership skills

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Business consulting services

AgileLeanLife - Services - Business ConsultingI dedicated my life to helping individuals and companies grow, optimize and improve. In the past 10 years, I’ve helped more than 300 companies from all over the world to achieve their core business goals. I helped 52 companies secure more than $4.5 million from venture capital investors.

I successfully managed several of my own startups and failed one or two. I managed a business angel network, was an investment manager at a VC fund and the manager of a startup accelerator.

I’m more than just a business consultant. I deliver results, based on combining knowledge from psychology, management 3.0 and agile software development, lean startup philosophy, traditional management, but also by understanding new technologies, global trends and how they can all accelerate growth and expansions.

The areas of business consulting that I provide are:

  1. Developing new products using the lean startup methodology
  2. Optimizing business processes and core business functions
  3. Business planning and market analysis
  4. Company’s growth strategies
  5. Digital and content strategies
  6. Starting your own online business
  7. Developing startup ecosystems

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