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I have a few important rules in life. The first one is the minimalistic philosophy. Own as few things as possible. The second rule is quality. I want to own or consume information and things of really high standards. Well, I guess I’m am very picky about everything, from relationships and projects to owning physical items.

Even though I’m picky, I’m also super excited about a few products and services. These are the rare things I use regularly and would really miss in my life. Most of them are connected to technology, personal development, relationship management, wealth or health.

I love to recommend the products I’m super excited about from the bottom of my heart. If you find any of them interesting, try them and see for yourself how awesome they are.

Knowledge & Skills


AgileLeanLife Recommended Products KindleWhile we’re talking about books, Kindle is the number one thing I couldn’t survive without. I don’t own physical books anymore. I donated more than 700 physical books I used to own, now I have everything possible in the digital form as part of my asset-light strategy.

I have Kindle as a device and I use the Kindle app on my tablet, phone and desktop PC. I tried a few other services, but nothing really compares to Amazon, from the wide selection of books to synchronization and superior eReaders.


AgileLeanLife Recommended Products AudilbeWhen I don’t read books and have an opportunity, I listen to Audiobooks. In queues, when driving, on walks in nature and so on. According to my infostructure, I strongly prefer audio books over podcasts, because the quality is definitely much better.

I’m a big fan of Amazon’s Audible with a great selection of audio books, plus their application works perfectly as well.


AgileLeanLife Recommended Products BlinkistWith the goal to read about as many different ideas as possible, I often read book summaries. With summaries, you have to invest a really small amount of time to get the main ideas from a book and a good glimpse of what the book is all about. After trying many different apps and services, I find Blinkist to be by far the best. I use it regularly and I try to read at least one summary per day. If I like the ideas in the book, then I buy and read the whole book.

AgileLeanLife Recommended Products EvernoteEvernote

Another standard application you probably already know. To be completely honest, I have a love-hate relationship with Evernote. In the beginning, I liked it a lot, but then it became too complex and tried to be much more than just an extraordinary notebook.

So at one point, I decided to try different other apps, from the simple Windows Notepad to OneNote and several other systems. After all the headache with other apps, I figured out that Evernote is still by far the best notebook system and now I’m using it again. Therefore, it deserves a place here.

IT skills and coding


AgileLeanLife Recommended Products LyndaI think that technical skills are super important today. Without good technology skills, you lag behind a lot and you’re simply not competitive enough on the market. I use Lynda a lot to keep my tech skills sharp and up to date. Lynda has many courses, from general IT skills to more specialized skills for developers, designers, photographers and other creative occupations. You can also find many business courses and pedagogical advice.

Their courses are really well-structured and extremely well-presented. The price isn’t that high and they also have a really good mobile app. Absolutely something that you must regularly use to stay competitive on the market with your technical skills.


AgileLeanLife Recommended Products TreehouseIn 2016, I decided to learn how to code (front-end web development). I checked out many tutorials and schools, and besides Lynda, I decided to go with Treehouse. While you can find similar content elsewhere, I really like their unique fun, geeky, lightweight and creative approach to teaching. It makes learning not only a challenge, but also something you enjoy. If you’d like to learn how to code, go with Treehouse and complement their knowledge with Lynda.



AgileLeanLife Recommended Products iHerbI use food supplements to make sure I get enough vitamins and minerals. I know there is a huge debate over whether food supplements make sense or only contribute to expensive urine. After a lot of research and testing it for myself, I decided to go with the core food supplements.

I buy all my supplements at iHerb. They have a really wide selection of products, good product reviews and customer service, an extensive library of information, and they were selected as the #1 rated e-commerce for food supplements by ConsumerLabs. I have only good experience with them. You can read more about the supplements I use here.


Traffic Planet Hosting

AgileLeanLife Recommended Products TrafficPlanet HostingI host my blog at Traffic Planet Hosting and I can’t express enough how satisfied I am with their service. Their administration dashboard is super intuitive, the site speed is awesome and, more than anything else, their support really is superb.

If you’re thinking of starting your own blog, I would definitely recommend them.

“Disclosure: In 2016 I decided to experiment with affiliate links a little bit. Thus some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Nevertheless I strictly promote only the things and the services that I also regularly use and like.”