The best foods for your brain – to improve memory and focus

Your IQ might be more or less fixed, but there are so many ways how you can get more out of your brains – by mastering learning skills and then constantly learning new things you can develop greater crystalized intelligence, by optimizing your working memory you can be more productive, creative and learn faster in the moment, and by repeatedly performing certain intellectual tasks (practicing) you get really good at them. One way to additionally optimize performance of your brain is to eat healthy brain foods. Now, eating brain foods won’t double your smarts, but it might fine-tune your mental performance just a little bit. Most of all, you will have more energy to perform mental tasks during the day. Imagine your brain like a high-end car that needs the best gas and oil. Your brain deserves the best, like you do.

How to analyze the environment to make sure trends and people are working in your favor

The environment you operate in greatly determines how successful and happy you will be. The right environment is like a leverage or accelerator that helps you achieve your goals more easily and faster. Your environment also greatly influences how you think, talk, and act. That means your agency and potential are determined by (1) your personality and (2) the environment in which you find yourself. agileAn integral part of self-improvement is thus building yourself the right environment. I call it a motivational environment. An environment with many opportunities, where you can thrive by employing all your talents and where you can get promoted for good work done; an environment that encourages you and pushes you to constantly improve and grow, but also offers support, empathy and safety nets. Learn how to build yourself a motivational environment that will work in your favor.

All the possible theories why people fall in love with you

Why do people fall in love? Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. But there are several theories why that happens, and knowing them might give you a good idea of what are all the factors that have an influence on the attraction spark. In general, we divide theories into psychodynamic theories, and selection process or filtering theories. Psychodynamic theories focus on the influence of childhood on mate selection. Process theories are, on the other hand, focused on filtering out potential mates who are not suitable since they don’t fit certain selection criteria, and then in the second step choosing the one that best fits our expectations. Learn more about all of them.

Optimize your WordPress page speed for better search engine rankings

Page speed or page load time (how fast the page loads when your URL is entered) is a very important part of the technical search engine optimization (SEO) and assuring a good user experience. You only have a few seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your page. If your potential visitors have to wait too long for the page to load, they will simply click the back button. Every millisecond counts in this regard. That’s one of the reasons why search engines prioritize faster pages. They want to provide users high quality pages that load fast and save bandwidth. WordPress is a great blogging platform, but if you aren’t careful, you can quickly end up with an extremely slow site. Learn how to optimize your page speed and keep it loading fast.

Please don’t criticize people – instead understand, love or mentor them

It’s so easy to criticize other people, and so hard to give a single honest compliment. It’s so easy to see yourself in a good light and focus on imperfections of other people. But criticizing people is a complete lose-lose situation that only creates distance, spreads negative energies and causes tensions. Criticism is one of the worst kinds of negative thinking. If positive thoughts are creative thoughts of connecting, including, sharing and loving, then negative thinking is composed of thoughts and words (and consequently actions) that disconnect, exclude and spread hate. Since it’s impossible to live a positive life with a negative mind, it’s obvious why criticizing others is so unproductive and irrational. So let’s put a stop to it.