How to improve your analytical skills to make smarter life decisions

The post-information age we live in today is called the creative society. The name already implies how important and well-cherished creativity is. Everybody talks about constant innovation, having visions for the future, brainstorming brilliant ideas and expressing your unique artistic soul. But innovations must be in line with market paradigms and people’s needs, visions must be backed up by strategic plans, brilliant ideas have to be systematically tested, and it’s never enough to only be different, you also have to be better. That’s where analytical skills come into play. Luckily, much like anybody can become (more) creative, so you can improve your analytical skills.

How to become more creative – the secrets nobody told you about

Every single human being possesses a flow of creative energy, including you. It’s not even a question of whether you can be creative or not, since the answer is absolutely yes. The much more sensible question is how to learn to identify, nurture and express the creative energy that resides in you. In this article, you will learn exactly that – how to become more creative. No matter if you see yourself as a creative person or not, whether you are terrified of expressing yourself or you are the boldest artist there is, after reading this article you will acquire many ideas for how to completely awaken the creative part of your personality and then leverage it to your advantage.

The success matrix – how inspiration and hard work improve your luck

From the macro perspective, there are only two paths to success. Either you get lucky first and then play your cards smart, or you work hard and smart until you get lucky. Then we have two general motives for why people want to become more successful or at least make positive changes in their lives. One possible motive is desperation and the other is inspiration. Some people are inspired to take steps forward by their life visions and goals, while others wait until things get unbearably hard and they are forced to act out of desperation. This blog post is about further analyzing these four categories (luck, smart & hard work, inspiration, desperation) and then building a matrix out of them to seek some wisdom and various life lessons.

A simple trick to express negative emotions in a mature way

Every single person on the planet has to deal with negative emotions. Your goal is neither to suppress them nor to completely wipe them out. Your ultimate goal is to learn to properly manage your emotions and make sure they aren’t doing the damage – that means (1) becoming aware of the negative emotions before reacting, (2) controlling your reactions and then (3) expressing them in the healthiest way possible. In this blog post you will learn how to achieve that.

If you’re going through hell, keep going – here is how

Rare are the people who don’t face some kind of an extreme catastrophe, collapse or agony at least once in their lifetime. Most people go through several of these kinds of crises in their lifetime. Breakups, illnesses, accidents, violence, bankruptcy, natural disasters, there are so many ways how life can shake you to the core. Countless are the ways you can find yourself in hell. What can you do when going through hell? The answer is quite simple. If you’re going through hell, keep going. Just make sure you’re going in the right direction. It’s that simple. And this blog post will teach you exactly how to achieve that. So buckle up and let’s learn how to travel through hell like a boss.