Wrong assumptions are the mother of all fuckups

You make assumptions all the time, you can’t avoid this phenomenon. It’s the way we humans operate, it’s how our brains function. Therefore, it’s impossible not to make any assumptions. The problem arises when you believe that your assumptions are the truth. But they are not, they’re only assumptions. That’s why you constantly need to keep testing your assumptions. You have to see life as a playground, where you have to test what works and what doesn’t. Based on your findings, you have to constantly adjust your life strategy and actions.

The proven ways to stop taking things personally

You were just badly insulted. You’re raging inside. You need to talk to somebody immediately. You call your best friend, explain the crappy thing that happened to you, and their wise words to calm you down are: “Just don’t take it personally”. That’s all well and good, but it still hurts. A wise rational statement may help you a little bit, but it’s far from enough. That's because taking things personally is about emotions, not logic. In this article, you will learn how to really stop taking things personally.

Your mind is like a garden that needs a good daily care

Your mind is like a garden and you are the gardener general. Even though nothing lasts forever, you can extend the longevity of things with positive actions, regular maintenance, and constant growth and improvement. Your body and mind are no exceptions to that. With regular maintenance, they both last longer and function better. That’s exactly what you want. If you want to have a beautiful garden, you have to take care of it regularly; on a daily basis. And if you want to have a beautiful mind, you have to take care of it regularly; also on a daily basis. There are several ways how you can take good care of your mind garden: Plant the right seeds and regularly wipe out the weeds, make sure that other people aren’t throwing rotten seeds on your soil and take good care of the soil.

How long you should practice when you’re learning something new

In test-driven development, there is a rule of thumb to “test until fear turns to boredom”. You can use the same exact principle when you’re learning a new block of knowledge – practice until fear turns to boredom. After you practice enough, soon there is nothing new to understand and master in that specific block of knowledge. A challenge slowly starts changing into boredom. When there isn’t a single drop of fear anymore that you might make a mistake, and when every exercise and revision turns into boredom, you can be sure that you’re mastering the knowledge. Then it’s time to move to the next block. No fear and boredom, these are the signals that you’re a master at something.

Daily cold showers will make you healthy, attractive and sharp

A cold shower is a very uncomfortable thing. It’s totally unlike a nice hot shower that relaxes you and reminds you of how comfortable and nice life is. But in a matter of seconds, a cold shower evicts any wussiness from you. It makes you alert, your stress levels drop and you can feel it in your gut that there is a real warrior somewhere deep in you. There are many other benefits of cold showers like higher energy levels, stronger immune system, faster muscle recovery, soft and smooth skin and many others.

Optimize your life for productivity and flexibility

The contemporary environment is becoming so complex, turbulent and fast-changing that a third elements of success needs to be added to the superior organization and disruptive innovation of superior entities. Startup world, as the part of the business world that’s most exposed to the unstable environment, is already adding this new third element – with agile and lean techniques. The sooner you add this third element to your life or the organization you’re running, the better off you’ll be. I’m talking about flexibility of course, and in this article you will learn how to develop and keep flexibility in personal life as the ultimate competitive advantage. If you aren’t flexible by nature, this article is a must read.

Dishonesty – the truth about lies summary

Dishonesty – the truth about lies is a really well-directed documentary that explores how and why people lie, why we become dishonest and why we start acting immorally. The documentary narrator with the central role in the movie is Dan Ariely, a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University. He is also a bestselling author and extraordinary interpreter of complex topics in a simple way. Understanding why people often don’t behave in a rational way and think as long-term as it would make sense, and why people sometimes become narrow-minded, vindictive and dishonest can help you explain many situations I bet you found yourself in – with your own behavior and in interaction with others. In this blog post you can learn the main takeaways from the Dishonesty documentary.

Tricks to eat less that will help you lose weight without any suffering

If you want to lose weight, you have to control how much (quantity) and what (quality) you eat. You do that by making smart big and small eating decisions. Big good and smart decisions are the decisions of how you design your eating pattern in general – the number of meals you eat, what time you eat them, the typical meals you like and their size. Small smart good decisions are all the small things that prevent you from eating that one banana or chocolate bar too many per day. They’re small tricks that help you keep the discipline and really stay within the bigger plan (macro calculations, eating pattern). Small decisions are the details you have to be careful about. As they say, God or the Devil are in the details. In this blog post you will learn 15+ tricks that will help you eat less in order to …

If you are a perfectionist, learn to be satisfied with good enough

I am a big perfectionist, often caught in all-or-nothing thinking. They are both (perfectionism as well as black & white thinking) severe cognitive distortions, probably the most frequent ones in the general population, and they hinder the quality of life to a great extent. A thinking and mindset upgrade to properly manage these two distortions is mandatory, especially for unlocking a whole new happiness level in life. The most important question is how to do that. In this article, you will find the answer to how to successfully fight with your chronic perfectionism. An illuminating concept that helped me deal with perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking is called “good enough”. This model of thinking emphasizes that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it only has to be good enough. It completely changed my life. Now I never go for perfect, I always rather settle for good enough, even if I still …

How to automate good decisions

No matter if a decision or a habit is hard or easy to follow, automate it if possible. If you can’t completely automate it, semi-automate it. Make sure it takes zero cognitive effort, or almost zero, to do something smart. Take transactional costs all the way down, as low as possible. Let it happen automatically. Make sure you don’t have to think about it, make sure that it takes zero discipline and that smart decisions just happen by themselves. Put good decisions on autopilot. You have to be a little bit creative, but in this blog post you will find many examples how you can do that.