The only goal setting strategy that really works in the 21st century

I have been testing and experimenting with different goal setting strategies for more than 15 years. I tried more than 10 different systems and they all let me down. Most techniques do help you clarify what you want out of life, but many times they’re nothing but wishful thinking and a useless exercise. Even more, with every day that passes by, these standard goal setting techniques are less effective. The reason is quite simple. The times have become too complex, volatile and fast-changing. The pace of technological, social and political changes is accelerating. That’s why a new framework for setting goals is needed. A modern goal setting framework that works. This article is exactly about that. You will learn how to set goals in a way that is efficient and effective, makes sense and won’t make you feel like a failure if something didn’t work out as planned.

Immediately stop wasting your life

You only have one life. You’re going to die. That should be the greatest motivation ever. One day, you are going to look back and get to the bottom line of what you’ve done with your life. It will be either the final moment of internal regret or the moment of the deepest feelings of gratefulness that you ever experienced. In that moment, there will be no way of going back and changing things. Your decisions today and tomorrow are the only things that will lead to one of those two scenarios. Make sure it won’t be regret. Make sure you don’t turn into a zombie. Make sure you never stop fighting. Make sure you never settle. Make sure you always stay hungry and that you always stay foolish. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

How much relationship drama is just too much?

Every relationship is a dynamic mixture of two energies – positive and negative ones. Positive energies are the energies of connecting, sharing and loving. They bring people closer. Negative energies as the second dynamic are thoughts, words and actions that bring distance and tension in relationships. Negative energies are the energies of disconnecting, excluding, hating and alienating. Negative energies are present in every single relationship. Nevertheless, there is a limit to how much negative energy is too much. There is a point when too many negative energies make the relationship a toxic one. Then the relationship becomes abusive, destructive and life destroying.

Finding the balance between doing and being for all the workaholic

There are two modes of human operation. One is doing and the other is being. Doing is work, achievements, recognition, creating value and improving yourself. Being is loving, enjoying and appreciating life. Being is good. Doing is good. The right balance between the two is the best. Love and work. Work and love. Poor mindset, emotional problems and other psychological issues usually lead to overdoing or overbeing. You need a healthy balance of both if you want to be truly happy. Here is how.

Stupid decisions that can ruin your whole life in a second

No matter where you start, with time good choices lead to a better life and bad choices lead to a low quality of life. You make choices constantly, consciously and unconsciously, and they have a great impact on your life. The smarter choices you make, the better the direction your life is headed in. For a happy and successful life, your smart choices must greatly outweigh the bad ones. Neverthless, it's completely human to make a bad choice from time to time. But what you have to avoid at all cost are big stupid decisions. Stupid decisions are decisions with very small potential gains and a possible colossal negative impact on your life. They’re the opposite of smart risks, which are risks with a small downside and a huge upside. With stupid decisions, you can destroy your life in a matter of seconds.

Don’t worry about failure, because you only have to be right once

Like there’s the rule that you are always wrong before you are right, in the same way there is a rule that you only have to be right once. You need to develop ONE competence based on your talents that is in high demand and low supply. You need to find ONE spouse who fits you perfectly and you can build a dream life together. You need to find ONE sport that you don’t dislike and have no troubles doing daily. You have to find ONE diet that enables you to maintain weight and feel energized. You need ONE business idea that works. You only have to be right once.

Life is just a dream – not really, but the idea can be useful

In this blog post, I’ll talk about how perceiving life as a dream can be a good mental trick you can use to stay more flexible and creative. The problem is that because life feels very real, you take yourself and the world around you very seriously, including your limiting beliefs, assumptions, convictions and values that you’re emotionally heavily invested in. To free yourself, to open your mind and to play with different ideas, versions of yourself and potential future realities, it sometimes helps to see life as nothing but a dream. The bottom-line question is if your brain works 24/7 and dreams for several hours every night, so why not keep this function working even when you’re awake?

A place to escape everyday life and reconnect with yourself

We humans are social animals. We need to belong, love and be loved, we need to thrive, create and grow with other human beings. Long periods of isolation lead to nothing but depression, loneliness, poor self-image and other related mental issues. But much like socializing is important, so is regular temporary (active) isolation. If you’re an introvert, temporary isolation is probably something that feels very natural to you. You need it to refill your energy and you have no problem blossoming when you’re alone with books, your thoughts or something else you love and doesn’t involve other people. But even if you’re an extrovert, you can benefit from short-term isolation a lot. It may be a little bit harder to do it in the beginning, but once you see all the benefits, I’m sure you’ll have no problem sticking to it. Let’s look at the main benefits of temporary isolation …

Super healthy foods you simply must eat every day

If you’re a complete newbie to the healthy lifestyle like I was a few years ago, not to mention that I was super fat as a kid, there are two pieces of advice that helped me the most to start taking care of my body better. The first one is go for a type of exercise you dislike the least. That helped me go from hating exercise, to being okay with it, to loving it a few years later. By using the search mode principle, I found some exercise I was okay with it, and then continued from there. The second advice is: add a few healthy foods to your diet, to slowly start transitioning to a new healthier lifestyle. Luckily there are a few types of foods that are super healthy, tasty, don’t need lots of preparation and are inexpensive.

Hour of power – take one hour daily to invest into your future

There is a single investment with the highest potential yield ever. It’s an extremely profitable investment you simply can’t miss out on. The best news in the whole story is that this investment is also reachable to you. Because this investment is you. You, together with your talents and potentials, should always be your number one investment priority. But you become a profitable investment only in one single way – you take at least one hour daily to do something for yourself, for your future. One hour, every single day. Every working day, every weekend, every super busy day, no matter what, you just have to do it.