My not-to-do list

Here is my not-to-do list that helps me stay focused on important and high-level tasks:

  • No administration (I’m really lousy with papers)
  • No free lectures and no free consulting, with a few exceptions
    • Mentoring one young person a year
    • Lecturing at conferences I personally really want to attend
    • Going to countries I haven’t traveled to yet
  • No stress and anxiety, always action-oriented
  • No letting fear limit me, always facing my fears
  • No unrealistic expectations
  • No cognitive distortions and negative thinking
  • No dealing with haters or spending time with zombies and emotional vampires
  • No working with bozos or irrationally demanding clients
  • No crossing my margin and no overloading
  • No checking my e-mail the first and the last thing in a day
  • No e-mail client open when working
  • No replying to every e-mail or IM
  • No meetings (in person or by phone) with no clear agenda and a deadline
  • No small talk (in person, by phone or IM)
  • No reading news
  • No social networks (except for the promotion of the blog)
  • No shopping centers (except once a year when I have to update my wardrobe)
  • No extreme thinking or disrespecting people with different views
  • No negative emotional focus on the past or the future, always staying present
  • No changing people (accepting them as they are)
  • No gossiping about other people
  • No going to bed late (after midnight)
  • No heavy food after 7pm
  • Do no evil

Now prepare your own not to-do list. You can help yourself with templates you can find at the end of this blog post.