To define your life vision, you should answer three simple questions:

  • Who do you want to become (your personal evolution)? … and make your ideal-self persona.
  • What do you want to experience in life (and how to enjoy it)? … and make a list of it.
  • What kind of a legacy do you want to leave (what will you create)? … and write down a strong emotional statement (or why).

Below you can find my life vision as an example.

My life vision

What do I want to experience in life (and how to enjoy it)?

Here’s a list of things I currently know I want to experience in life, ranked from the most to least important:

  • Create and lead a small international internet company.
  • Have a loving partner with whom I can raise emotionally healthy children.
  • Have all the cool technology gadgets.
  • Create a dream home with a library and a garden.
  • Get closure for my childhood unhappiness and traumas.
  • Meet the most influential business and personal development thinkers.
  • Read 1,000 books in a lifetime.
  • Get body fat to 12 – 15% and fix my posture.
  • Visit at least 50 countries from the ones that are still left on the list: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, India, Japan, South Korea, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Tibet, Ukraine, United States (New York).
  • Climb a mountain higher than 3,000m.
  • Meditate in Tibet for a month.
  • Have money to invest in startups and stock market.
  • Experience lucid dreaming.
  • Have tantric sex.
  • Learn a martial art.
  • Learn German.
  • Live in a different country for at least 6 months.
  • Go to space.
  • Play in a movie or music video.

Learn all about personal development/psychology, internet technologies/growth hacking and investing, and use the knowledge to build people, build cool products and build wealth.

What kind of a legacy do I want to leave (what I want to create)?

Here’s the legacy I want to leave after I’m gone:

  • Emotionally healthy children onto whom I’ll pass all my knowledge.
  • I want to publish an eye-opening best-selling book.
  • I want to influence 1,000,000 lives with my ideas on how to manage life (with my blog).
  • I want to help 1,000 businesses grow internationally (with consulting and investing).
  • I want to have enough money to do one big charity project and help 100 children in poverty.

I could say that I’m on a life mission to make the world a more organized, innovative and transcendent place to be by helping individuals, organizations and communities achieve their peak potential and an entirely new level of performance; and build cool products around that.

Who do I want to become (your personal evolution)?

In the past ten years, I’ve worked a lot to develop myself more towards my ideal self. Nevertheless, here are the most important things at the moment:

  • I want to enjoy life more and be happier.
  • I want to become better at managing my financial resources.
  • I want to be more focused on the key goals and not get so easily distracted.


The five core values I want to live by:

  • Integrity
  • Creativity and creating value
  • Passion (for everything I do)
  • Knowledge
  • Collaboration


Knowledge I want to currently develop:

  • Technology (front-end and back-end development – design, HTML/CSS, Python)
  • Psychology (psychoanalysis, transactional analysis, gestalt therapy, cognitive therapy)
  • Investing (stock market)
  • Personal development and business books