List of the things I am grateful for

Below is the list of things I’m grateful for. Every time I feel unlucky, sad or depressed, I read the list and it helps me a lot in getting back into the right frame of mind and see my situation from a more realistic and positive angle (things aren’t that bad). I only listed the things that make my heart go really warm if I think of them, no bullshit. I try to keep my list under 20 items in order to be really focused on the core things I’m thankful for. If I feel bad because I failed at something, I also look at the list of my past accomplishments. Here you can read the blog post what kind of benefits you get with having a list of the things you are grateful for.

List of the things I am grateful for:

  • Having a strong analytical and creative mind and being extremely curious by nature.
  • Having quite a few talents with which I can create value, do work I enjoy and contribute to the world and make money. Here’s my own personal SWOT analysis and a list of my competences. I’m also thankful for having a very resilient and persistent character.
  • Having access to all modern technology and internet as well as all the books and information. From smartphone to Kindle and other smart devices. Technology simply makes me happy.
  • Living in a country with a really high quality of life. It’s not the best place for business, but it’s extremely safe, with healthy food, fresh air, one-hour drive to the mountains in one direction and to the seaside in the other, and with very modern infrastructure. We’re at around 40th place based on GDP per capita, which isn’t the best, but there are 150 countries with a much lower economic status.
  • That I can live in a nice clean home with a warm bed. The environment is really important to me and I need a clean, tidy and aesthetic environment to function. I can afford it and am grateful for that.
  • My mother and brother who are always there if I need something. I’m also grateful for my grandmother who sadly passed away but had a big influence on my life and helped me a lot.
  • Beautiful and smart girls were always interested in me. It may sound cliché and stupid, but I was always in serious, long-term, passionate relationships with beautiful and smart girls and I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for having a caring, smart and cute girlfriend now and we’re really a perfect fit.
  • Working with really smart, talented individuals and a few rich people. I simply love to work with hackers, hustlers, hipsters and investors, and with the work I do, I meet and work with extremely talented and smart people every day on the international level.
  • I don’t have many friends and I don’t socialize a lot, since I’m an introvert, but I do have a few really good friends I’m really thankful for. We just understand each other, talk about life, do things together and have fun.
  • The same goes in business. I’m thankful to be doing a lot of business and growing together with a few business partners.
  • I’m also thankful that I had the chance to have a big influence on the national and regional startup ecosystem and that I was in the position to help build it from scratch.
  • I’m thankful I can travel a lot and meet people from many different cultures and backgrounds. I love people with interesting stories and cultural differences that bring variety to life. I’m thankful that I had been able travel to 40+ countries.
  • All mentors who helped me in the past and are also helping me now. I always had great mentors who had a big influence on my life and that’s why I also mentor the younger generation. I mentor one person every year.
  • A few situations in the past, when I was really lucky to achieve it and had really positive influence on my life. Since my childhood wasn’t very easy, things could have turned out very differently. One of the lucky situations is going to one of the best high schools in the country, which was not easy to get into. But for four years I was surrounded with really smart people. Even if I wasn’t that good pupil on the high-school, I was doing okay compared to average.
  • My core values. I really try to be a good person, even if I fail sometimes. But I do keep my integrity at any cost and I’m thankful to have the strength to conquer any evil in me.
  • The sports I can do, from hiking and swimming to fitness. I’m not a very sporty guy and my body is definitely not built for big athletic endeavors, but I’m thankful for the sports I can do and enjoy a lot. Especially for all the views from high mountains.
  • A few geeky TV shows that really relax me and I enjoy a lot.
  • All the people who read my Slovenian and English blog and find the content useful somehow and thus my ideas have influence on their lives. It means a lot to me and I’m thankful for that.
  • My vision and the goals I have in life.