Holistic Life Coaching – everything you need to achieve your most ambitious goals

From superior plan to complete acceptance and powerful encouragement

When I look back on my life, together with all the professional and personal ups and downs, there is one very clear pattern that I see over and over again. I made the biggest progress towards my goals when I had huge support from the right coach. Every single time.

On the other hand, the most painful downfalls happened when I got cocky, assuming I can achieve everything by myself without any help.

Life sent me the right people at the right time, so I could go after the dreams and goals I always wanted to achieve deep down. My coaches made me a better and more productive person and changed my life forever. There is no price tag you can put on that.

Now I’m committed and dedicated to do the same for you. Let me help you achieve your most ambitious goals and deepest desires and become the person you always wanted to be – a winner. After all, you haven’t found yourself on this page for nothing.

Blaz Kos - Holistic Life Coaching

I offer a unique holistic life coaching approach, where we make a superior and flexible plan, and then I support you in achieving the plan step by step, with unconditional acceptance, complete compassion and passionate, transcendental encouragement. On top of that, I add a little bit of tough love, making sure you really do achieve your goals.

I have been successfully coaching people for more than 10 years, all over the globe.

I offer a unique approach to life coaching that gives very concrete results, based on combining different branches of psychology (psychoanalysis, CBT, transactional and others), the best coaching and personal development practices, as well as techniques from agile management, lean entrepreneurship and technology.

It’s a unique combination to life coaching you won’t find anywhere else, and at the same time brings proven results.

I developed several life coaching programs, based on the problems I most often help people solve. Below, you can choose the program most appropriate for you at the moment, and read more about how I can really help you.

  1. Quite successful, but emotionally unsatisfied
  2. Not living up to your true potential
  3. Getting to know yourself
  4. Building a winning life strategy
  5. Reaching your long-term goals
  6. Increasing your productivity and organizing yourself better
  7. Career acceleration or transition
  8. Managing your mind and emotions better
  9. Ultimate relationship management
  10. 101 specific life problems I can help you solve

You can select the program you are most interested in below, or you can go through all the programs and then decide:

At the end of the page, you’ll also find technical details of my life coaching sessions:

1. Quite successful, but emotionally unsatisfied

AgileLeanLife - LifeCoaching - Quite Successful Emotionally UnsatisfiedMost often I work with highly successful people who feel emotionally unsatisfied, are too hard on themselves or they constantly feel like they’re lacking something.

No matter if you’re a successful investor, salesman, athlete, artist or scientist, if you’re never satisfied, if you’re melancholic or driven by anger, you aren’t really living life. Your mind will always find a way to make you unsatisfied, no matter how much you have.

You can be successful, rich, and wealthy, but still constantly feeling like you don’t have enough (status, money, knowledge, achievements etc.), that you’re always behind and that there’s just something missing.

The solution is definitely not in more of what you think you lack (again, that can be status, money, knowledge, achievements etc.), or numbing the pain with greed, gluttony, lust, alcohol or any other addiction. The solution lies in understanding yourself better, emotional exploration, and proper mind and emotional management, while realizing that you have enough and that you’re enough.

The topics covered in this life coaching program are:

  1. Layers of human existence
  2. Upbringing and basic human needs
  3. Understanding your emotional self
  4. 4F emotional expression, healthy and toxic
  5. The inner and the outer critic and the saboteur
  6. Emotional flashbacks
  7. Expressing stifled emotions
  8. Self-mothering and self-fathering
  9. Cognitive distortions
  10. Cognitive reframing and emotional accounting
  11. The good enough concept
  12. The growth mindset

AgileLeanLife -Life Coaching - Apply

The program lasts approximately three months. It consists of 12 weekly sessions for 90 minutes, and you also get a weekly homework. By joining the program, you get more than 15 different tools to manage your mind and emotions and explore the true source of your life dissatisfaction.

2. Not living up to your true potential

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching - Not Living Up True PotentialI so often witness people with such amazing talents, pure and world-changing visions, the desire to live up to their true potential and to show everything they got to the people they love. But then they feel emotionally or intellectually stuck.

It can either be self-sabotage, lack of self-confidence and self‑encouragement, poor planning skills, fear of failure or even fear of success. In most cases, the reason for not living up to one’s true potential is a lack of healthy assertiveness and an absence of a superior execution plan. And that’s exactly what this program gives you.

The topics covered in this life coaching program are:

  1. Healthy assertiveness, aggression and self-castration
  2. Identification of progress blockers (perfectionism, fears etc.)
  3. Finding the emotional connection and personal why
  4. Defining the big vision and small steps
  5. Goal Journey Mapping and Directing the rider
  6. Tweaking the environment
  7. The flexible 100-day plan
  8. Weekly sprint and reflection (using the Kanban board)
  9. Resilience and expectation management
  10. Holding you accountable for weekly delivery

The program lasts from three months to a year, depending on your ambitions and how big your goals are. It consists of weekly life coaching sessions and me holding you accountable for delivering your weekly tasks between the sessions.

AgileLeanLife -Life Coaching - Apply

During the program, we prepare the Goal Journey Map as a superior execution plan, a Kanban board for monitoring weekly progress and we also find your true “why” that leads to unbeatable motivation that will get you through all the obstacles.

We also do a lot of self-discovery and identify the main reasons why you block yourself. It can be that your parents did everything instead of you, they might have been too critical or perfectionists who were never satisfied with what you did and so on. In the end, you will better understand why you were so hesitant, and I will make sure you follow the execution plan we build together to really live up to your true potential.

3. Getting to know yourself

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching - Getting To Know YourselfFrom the classical philosopher Socrates to the father of psychology Sigmund Freud and even contemporary famous psychoanalyst Irvin Yalom, the importance of getting to know yourself always comes as the first life lesson.

Knowing yourself is the first step towards a life worth living. It’s impossible to live a happy and fulfilling life if you don’t really know your true self, your deepest desires, unawakened talents and the core parts of your personality.

There is no greater joy in life than gaining insights about yourself; there is no epiphany as divine as becoming aware of your unconscious needs and desires; there is no more important battle to be won than conquering yourself by putting an end to being reactive; and there is no greater bliss than discovering why you were sent to this planet, so you can finally shine bright and warm like the sun.

All the pains and suffering that arise from not knowing yourself are hard to bear. It feels like trying to fit in with the high school cheerleaders while you are a geeky person sent to change the world. You might feel lost about what to do in life; you might not even understand why you act in certain self-destructive ways; you might only see what you don’t have in life.

Most often it feels like being a zombie on an autopilot – feeling lost without any mission, suffering low self-esteem, not understanding your actions and reactions, always procrastinating, being sad, not showing your creative self and much more.

Don’t let that happen. I can guide you through fundamental and congruent self-discovery. The topics covered in this life coaching program are:

  1. Self-assessment and where you currently are
  2. Understanding your past and your roots
  3. Your visions, motives, goals and needs
  4. Your life strategy, vision and legacy
  5. Understanding your emotions
  6. Getting to know how your mind works
  7. Communicating with your subconsciousness
  8. Your relationship blueprint and what relationships say about you
  9. Your habit blueprint – positive and negative habits
  10. Your environment and how to build a better one

AgileLeanLife -Life Coaching - Apply

The program lasts three months. It consists of 12 weekly sessions for 90 minutes, and you also get a weekly homework. By joining the program, you get more than 20 different self‑discovery tools and exercises for understanding yourself better, including discovering what you really want in life and a strategy for achieving that.

4. Building a winning life strategy

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching- A Winning Life StrategyYour life strategy is shaped by your beliefs, values, convictions, and consequently by your decisions about spending your time, energy, money, skills and other resources. Most people don’t consciously decide on their life strategy, even when the results they are getting aren’t as good as they want them to be. Don’t be one of those people.

I will help you build or reshape your life strategy to the most rewarding one. For an extraordinary life, you need an extraordinary strategy. There are 25 life strategy elements in total that need to be clarified and aligned with your authentic self. Based on the winning life strategy, you can then go after specific goals.

The main elements that we define as part of your life strategy are:

  1. Physical body nurturance (exercise, diet etc.)
  2. Competence acquisition plan (knowledge, skills etc.)
  3. Happiness and managing emotions
  4. Relationship blueprint and management
  5. Career strategy
  6. Money and investing strategy
  7. Social strategy, hobbies and fun
  8. Shaping your environment
  9. Spirituality and religion
  10. Answering tough life questions

AgileLeanLife -Life Coaching - Apply

The program lasts for three months. It consists of 12 weekly sessions for 90 minutes, and you also get a weekly homework. We explore your current beliefs, strategies, values and what kind of results they’re giving you in life. Then we redefine the strategy that will bring you better results in the core life areas.

5. Reaching your long-term goals

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching - Reaching Long Term GoalsWe all have the important long-term goals written down or somewhere in our minds, but usually we’re at the same time too busy with everyday life to do anything about the goals that are truly important to us.

Clearly defining the goals, outlining a strategy and then consistently executing the plan while staying flexible is not an easy task to achieve when you have to live a busy life. I can help you by preparing the flexible plan and then holding you accountable for following the plan with regular weekly sessions and e-mail reminders.

The most common long-term goals I helped people achieve:

  • Writing a book or starting a blog
  • Developing a new skill that is in high demand and short supply (coding, sales etc.)
  • Taking better care of your health (diet, exercise, lifestyle)
  • Preparing and executing an investing or money saving strategy
  • Developing new healthy habits (reading, creating ideas etc.)
  • Starting your own business or becoming a freelancer
  • Graduating or finishing formal education
  • Traveling around the world or becoming a digital nomad

I tested all the different types of goal-setting tools and none of them really give optimal results. The times have become too complex, volatile and fast-changing for traditional goal setting.

If you know that the environment will be unimaginably different in a few years, how can you set long-term goals? You can’t. The old ways of goal setting are like writing a business plan. It just doesn’t work anymore.

That’s why I developed a new system of goal setting (Goal Journey Mapping) that is extremely sophisticated, flexible and based on constant introspection and adjustments. The steps in which I coach people when it comes to setting goals are the following:

  • Define and prioritize your life vision
  • Develop life stories for your main goals (add the outcome and why)
  • Build a goal journey map for your goals (define the process)
  • Brainstorm all the potential pivots that will help you stay flexible
  • Prepare your 100-day plan and biweekly sprints
  • Do introspections after every biweekly sprint
  • Holding you accountable for executing biweekly sprints

AgileLeanLife -Life Coaching - Apply

And there’s more. To achieve the goals, you must focus more on the process, your habits and your environment together with people who support you rather than on the actual goal. Achieving your goals is a carefully orchestrated process that you follow, not something you write down on a piece of paper.

Let’s together define the carefully orchestrated process worth following that will give you the desired results for your long-term goals. Weekly coaching combined with e-mail reminders and holding you accountable for your progress will definitely bring you the best results.

6. Increasing your productivity and organizing yourself better

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching - Double Your ProductivityAll the successful people that I know (and I know hundreds of them from all over the world) are highly productive and extremely organized.

They are producers who work hard, but they also know how to work smart. They have a bulletproof personal management system that keeps them highly productive almost every single day.

As a productivity expert  I designed a special coaching program, through which I will help you achieve a completely new level of personal performance by:

  • Removing all the waste from your life and keeping only what brings you value and happiness
  • Simplifying your life and calendar to focus on the things that really matter
  • Following asset-light living and organizing your life in the cloud
  • Setting limits and keeping enough margin to not get overwhelmed
  • Defining your daily kick-off and shut-down routine that will leave you full of energy
  • Preparing all kinds of to-do lists to organize your life better or even setting up a Kanban board
  • Employing strategies for managing distractions and interruptions
  • Organizing yourself in an agile way with biweekly sprints and regular introspections
  • Employing different time management tricks to find a healthy life-work balance
  • Building a motivational environment that will accelerate your success
  • Manipulating your discipline with transaction costs so you will more easily follow healthy habits
  • Focusing on the high value activities that will bring you the real results in life

AgileLeanLife -Life Coaching - Apply

Imagine everything you can achieve in life if you double your productivity. The program lasts three months. It consists of 12 weekly sessions for 90 minutes, and you also get a weekly homework. By joining the program, you get more than 10 different tools to manage your time properly, get rid of distractions and become ultra-productive.

7. Career acceleration or transition

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching - Career TransitionThere’s zero chance of being happy in life if you have to go to a job you hate day by day . You spend 1/3 of your life at work, so the work you do must be something that you enjoy, are talented for and can make you a good living.

I can help you identify your talents, build a strategy to develop your core competencies and find your dream job, while keeping all the big job market paradigms in mind (to make sure you develop skills that will be in high demand for decades).

Together we’ll find you a dream career, combining one or several jobs and hobbies, in order for you to get paid well, do what you love and are really great at. We’ll prepare a flexible and detailed plan that will help you with a career transition or accelerate your promotions where you currently work.

Remember, love and work, work and love, that’s all there is. Relationships and doing a type of work are the essential building blocks of a happy life.

The topics covered in the career life coaching program are:

  1. Identifying potential dream careers
  2. Exploring your talents and experimenting with different careers
  3. Analyzing job markets, different carriers, competence supply and demand
  4. Skill acquisition plan
  5. Identifying potential companies to work for
  6. Preparing personal presentation (CVs, video etc.)
  7. Social media strategy for advancing career
  8. Networking and positioning yourself as an expert
  9. Reaching out to companies
  10. Financial aspect of career transition

AgileLeanLife -Life Coaching - Apply

The program lasts from three months to six months, depending on your ambitions and how big of a career transition you want to make. It consists of weekly life coaching sessions, where we prepare a detailed and flexible plan and then I help you with the transition until you find a job or work you really love. You’ll never go to work unhappy and miserable ever again.

8. Managing your mind and emotions better

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching - Manage Your MindOne of the biggest assets you can have in life is developing a strong mind. I learned the hard way that your worst enemy can’t hurt you as much as your untamed mind can.

A decade ago, I had a very weak and negative mind which made me constantly anxious, depressed and negative. Then I decided to learn everything about cognitive behavioral therapy and how the mind works.

I learned about cognitive distortions and tools like emotional accounting and cognitive reframing. Finally, I learned powerful tools to tame my mind. That has made me a completely new person. I became much more positive, solution-oriented and proactive. I had the tools to easily make myself unstuck.

The additional benefit is that better control over your mind also comes with a better control over your emotions. So, your way of thinking and how you feel are directly connected. With a set of powerful mind tools and hacks, I will help you better control your thoughts and upgrade the way your mind operates to the superhuman level.

Here are the mindset updates we can do together through life coaching:

  • Fixed mindset -> Growth mindset
  • Scarcity mentality -> Abundance mentality
  • Negative thinking -> Positive thinking
  • Problem-oriented mind -> Solution-oriented mind
  • Reactive mindset -> Proactive mindset
  • Suboptimal thinking -> Optimal thinking
  • Egoistical thinking -> Agile thinking
  • Indecisive mind -> Regret Minimization Framework
  • Making sure emotions support your goals and thinking

AgileLeanLife -Life Coaching - Apply

The program lasts for 3 months. It consists of 12 weekly sessions for 90 minutes, and you also get a weekly homework. By joining the program, you get more than 15 different tools to manage your mind and emotions and develop a very strong, determined and confident personality.

9. Ultimate relationship management

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching - Meaningful RelationshipsIf there is one thing besides your career that has the biggest impact on your life, it’s absolutely relationships. A single critique from your boss, a fight with your spouse or a friend not returning your calls can destroy your day or even weeks or months in a second.

On the other hand, making love with the right person, going on a trip with close friends or creating something exciting with a team of people makes life priceless.

Relationships are heaven or hell on Earth. Good relationships can make your life really worth living, but crappy people in your life can make you suffer, really suffer and drown in misery. So you must forge your relationships very carefully; and make sure you only have healthy relationships in your life.

I had terrible toxic relationships in my past and now I love all the people who surround me. I can help you discover your personal relationship blueprint and what kind of relationships fit you best, identify your toxic behavioral patterns and equip you with the skills necessary that will make your relationships blossom. And I’ll teach you how to fight off all the zombies and energy vampires.

The topics covered in the relationship life coaching program are:

  1. Development of a relationship blueprint during upbringing
  2. Transference, projections and other phenomena in relationships
  3. Different attachment styles
  4. Expectations management in relationships
  5. The core relationships in your life – professional or personal
  6. How to be a real man or a woman
  7. Minimizing relationship drama
  8. Taming the outer critic
  9. The main communication secrets to blossoming relationships
  10. Conflict resolution techniques

AgileLeanLife -Life Coaching - Apply

It consists of 12 weekly sessions for 90 minutes, and you also get a weekly homework that tackles the current relationships in your life. By joining the program, you’ll understand your relationship blueprint better, become aware of the patterns you follow in relationships, and learn how to improve your core relationships in life with people who really matter.

Small improvements in relationships will lead to great improvements in your overall quality of life.

10. 101 specific life problems I can help you solve

If you don’t want to follow any particular program, we can also tackle specific life problems or different areas of life. I have prepared a list of 101 most common issues I can absolutely help you with. Here is the list:

Know yourself better Life strategy Productivity & Goals
  • Connect with your authentic self
  • Live life with integrity
  • Find things you love
  • Find & develop your talents
  • Become your best
  • Exploit strengths
  • Abolish weaknesses
  • Identify your core values
  • Find inner strength
  • Make the first bold step towards a better life
  • Understand your current life strategy
  • Life satisfaction assessment
  • Build a winning life strategy
  • Navigate tough life transitions
  • Figure out your next move
  • Build a motivational environment
  • Get unstuck
  • Have solid personal development plan
  • Develop healthy habits
  • Get rid of bad habits
  • Better time management
  • Increase productivity
  • Organize yourself better
  • Simplify your life
  • Minimalistic living
  • Focus on what matters
  • Limit work in progress
  • Kick-off and shut-down routine
  • Managing to-do lists
  • Work-life balance
  • Self-discipline
  • E-mail management
  • Calendar management
  • Complete projects
Lean & Agile Productivity Managing the mind Managing emotions
  • Clear life vision
  • Vision list prioritization
  • Short life stories
  • Goal map journeys
  • 100-day plan
  • Biweekly sprints
  • Kanban board
  • The search mode
  • Finding your fit
  • Pivots and staying flexible
  • Introspections
  • Mindfulness
  • Identify your core beliefs
  • Identify negative thoughts
  • Manage thoughts
  • Refocus on the positives
  • Talk back to your inner critic
  • Become more proactive
  • Employ optimal thinking
  • Growth mindset
  • Keep clear and focused mind
  • Living in the present moment
  • General emotional intelligence
  • Understand your emotional self
  • Connect with your emotional self
  • Properly manage emotions
  • Master uncertainty
  • Manage self-doubts
  • Remove stress
  • Live passionate life
  • Feel inspired
  • Develop self-reflection skills
Health Relationships Wealth
  • Overall health improvement
  • Find your perfect diet
  • Find perfect exercise
  • Achieve weight loss
  • Become confident & outgoing
  • Charm other people
  • Develop loving relationships
  • Find Mr./Ms. Right
  • Improve communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Set strict boundaries
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Get noticed
  • Become more powerful
  • Set financial goals
  • Increase earning potential
  • Keep more money
  • Get additional income
  • Start online business


Career & Competences Happiness Other
  • Find your industry
  • Get ahead and noticed
  • Work smart, not hard
  • Change career
  • Competence development plan
  • Capitalize on creativity
  • Become smarter
  • Become a better leader
  • Start a personal blog
  • Start your own business
  • Find peace of mind
  • Become more happy
  • Smile more
  • Help making difficult decisions

The unique coaching relationship

With every coaching program, you get something precious – the support you need to reach the sky.

No matter which area you need help with, after the coaching sessions you’ll definitely make better decisions, unleash your hidden potential, increase your focus, boost your confidence, be happier with your relationships, possess a clearer mind, and achieve a completely new level of personal performance and quality of life. Your life will be more balanced and efficient overall.

Isn’t that something that we all want?

Setting strong foundations, going after your goals and improving core life areas are an important part of every coaching session. But that’s not enough. A quality mentoring session needs one more important element – providing strong emotional support that we all need when things get tough and when you lose motivation to move forward.

Unconditional emotional support, encouragement and motivational spirit that I provide at every mentoring session consists of:

  • Having somebody who believes in you, especially in tough times or when you fail
  • Strong emotional support, empathy and encouragement not to give up
  • Safe environment to share your thoughts and feelings
  • Additional brain to pick from an outside view to find innovative solutions for tough problems
  • I’m kind of an encyclopedia of human psychology and personal management tools, but if I can’t offer the right solution, I can always direct you to the right resources
  • You’ll get a lot of (tough) love, in other words.

The right relationship is the most important part of the life coaching sessions. As a starting point, I make sure I provide such a trusted environment, especially with unconditional acceptance.

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching - Book

Things I cannot help you with

As a coach, I am very aware of all the things I can help you with, but also know my limitations. I’m not a certified psychologist or a medical doctor, so unfortunately I can’t help you with the following:

  • Any medical conditions, injuries or health issues
  • Any mental illnesses, severe depression or suicidal tendencies
  • Drugs, alcohol or any other addictions you might suffer from
  • Being stuck in physically abusive and violent relationships
  • Other similar issues that require medical attention or a medical specialist

I’m also not the right choice if you’re looking for:

  • Quick fixes and fast gains
  • Free consultations and help

If you have any serious conditions, please find professional help.

A carefully orchestrated life coaching process

If you decide to have more than just one coaching session, I follow a simple yet very effective coaching process. I prepare an individualized life coaching plan for each of my clients based on the introductory session and short questionnaire.

Then we have weekly coaching sessions and at the end of every session, you get homework (sorry for that, but it’s a must) – a set of tools and exercises that you perform between the sessions.

Below you can find more details about the coaching process:

  • After you pay for the first four sessions (that’s a minimum to achieve any results), I send you a short questionnaire.
  • Short questionnaire: The short questionnaire is about better understanding your life situation, all the goals you want to achieve and how I can help you the most in our work together. The questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to fill out.
  • Introductory session: The next step is the first introductory session. Before the introductory session, I go through the questionnaire and prepare a series of additional questions to really understand your life position and your goals. Based on the introductory session, I adjust my mentoring framework to your needs and prepare your individual coaching plan. I send you the plan by e-mail. In the introductory session, I also answer all the questions you have about me and our further work.
  • Regular mentoring sessions: Then we have regular (weekly or biweekly) 90-minute coaching sessions, preferably on the same day at the same hour (I am quite flexible regarding days and hours). A part of every session is dedicated to overviewing different exercises from the previous week, and for analysis, introspections, strategizing and moving towards the coaching goals according to the plan. The second part of the session is dedicated to an unstructured talk about life issues, the problems you face and potential solutions.
  • Framework and exercises: After every session, you get a re-cap e-mail with a few well-structured exercises to do until next week. Homework, in other words. You always get a template with detailed instructions on how to do the exercises, besides practicing them in the coaching sessions.
  • Agile approach: If the weekly framework doesn’t work, I always adjust it to what works best for you personally. We can switch to biweekly sessions and more e-mails or, on the other hand, to more frequent calls that give you an additional boost. If something doesn’t work in the coaching process, we find a better way to do it.
  • I’m always here to have your back: You can always send me an e-mail or we can schedule an extra coaching session in case of any emergency, crisis or need for prompt advice. I respond to e-mails within 24 hours and an additional coaching session can be set in a few days’ time. From time to time, I will send you quick check-in e-mails.

First, I have to clearly understand your situation and desired outcomes. Based on that, I prepare a detailed coaching plan with carefully selected exercises. Then comes the hard work, where I offer you all the possible support and guidance. We’ll get to the first results very quickly and that will be very motivating for you to improve your life even further.

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching - Book

Why me?

Blaz Kos - Profile Photo -Life CoachingI was born to coach, mentor and educate people. There is no better feeling for me than to help somebody awaken their potential and improve their life position by becoming a better version of themselves. That’s what I dedicated my life to.

From the time I wake up until I go to sleep, I invest all my energy, creativity and intellectual potential into finding new ways to help people improve their lives. And I wish to improve yours as well.

In the past decade, I coached and mentored hundreds of people from all over the world. I helped people find their dream jobs, change careers, improve self-confidence, manage tough life situations, start companies, secure investments, achieve their wildest goals, and become happier in everyday life.

I held more than 1,000 lectures, I read hundreds of personal development books, I dived deep into cognitive psychology and psychoanalysis, I experimented with dozens of different life management tools and approaches, I succeeded and failed miserably in life. I know how the human mind works, I know how it feels to be at the bottom, I know how it feels to be at the top, and I know how hard the road in between can be.

There are more than 250 free blog posts that I published on the topic of productivity, psychology and personal development that best show the way I think, the tools I use and how I can help you.

In summary, here is why I’m the best coaching option for you:

  • I’ve done international consulting and coaching work on all of the continents (except Antarctica)
  • I started with personal development when I was 17
  • I raised a 6,000,000 € venture capital fund when I was 26 and coached dozens of entrepreneurs
  • I held more than 1,000 lectures at which there were more than 100,000 attendees
  • I reached the 100th satisfied coaching client when I was 30
  • I wrote so much personal development content that it would fit 10 books
  • I’m the most results-oriented person you’ll ever find

And below you can find a few testimonials from my clients:

BlazKos - Life Coaching - Testimonial - Max

Enough bragging, let’s get down to work!

Technical details of the life coaching

I only coach 5 people simultaneously and at most 2 people per day to provide the best possible coaching experience.

I prepare extensively for every session and make sure you get the most out of those 90 minutes, without wasting any time. I can always adjust the coaching sessions to your needs and wishes, nevertheless the most common mentoring format is the following:

  • Introductory session: 60 minutes + questionnaire (if you book 4 or 12 sessions)
  • Weekly session: 90 minutes, preferably at the same time and day
    • After the first four sessions, we adjust the system to what works best
    • You can reschedule a session with a 24 hours’ advance notice
  • Communication: Skype, Zoom (or any alternative) and e-mail
    • You get a recap e-mail with a detailed weekly plan to action to move you towards your goals
    • I do e-mail accountability (check up on you) and I’m always available by e-mail for quick questions
  • Exercise templates: Spreadsheets and work documents
  • Mentoring language: English

All consultations are subject to approval based on reviewing information in the questionnaire. There must be a mutual positive feeling that we are a good match for working together and that my coaching will really be beneficial for you. I keep all consultation details and exercise materials completely confidential.

Who do I usually coach?

I’m very results-driven and consequently I’m only accepting people who are seriously committed to improving their life. If you find yourself in the following four bullet points, we’ll work excellently together:

  • You’re eager to make positive changes in your life
  • You have enough financial, time and emotional resources to invest in your better future
  • You’re prepared to do weekly exercises and commit to take agreed-upon actions between calls
  • Like me, you also believe in complete transparency, honesty and high mutual trust

AgileLeanLife - Life Coaching - Book

Invest in yourself – it’s the safest investment you will ever make

I always heavily invested in myself and never ever regretted it. Books, seminars, online courses, coaches. They were always my best investments ever.

There are certain things that nobody can take away from you: life mastery skills, knowledge, dedication, persistence, focus, hard work and a sharp mindset that enables you to go after your goals.

By acquiring these kinds of personal assets, you can always make more money, become more successful, and live a wealthier life from all perspectives. And that’s what coaching is all about.

In summary, there are many ways how I can help you with coaching, including:

  • Better understanding yourself and building a winning life strategy
  • Clarifying your life vision and going after the goals you always wanted to achieve
  • Developing and following healthy habits or getting unstuck if you feel that way
  • Managing your mind and emotions better to become sharp, unstoppable and happy
  • Developing your competences, skills and potentials to shine bright on the job market
  • Increasing your productivity and organizing yourself better
  • Improving different life areas, like health, relationships, wealth or happiness
  • Tackling different life challenges, from career change to improving self-confidence
  • Going from not feeling complete to becoming passionate, focused and happy

All that is priceless. So, remember to never be reluctant to invest into yourself, you are by far the most profitable investment.

Easy way to start, pay or cancel life coaching sessions

Now it’s not time to hesitate, but to make the next step. The pricing model is pretty simple.

You can book 1, 4 or 12 life coaching sessions (90 minutes). If you decide to book 4 or 10 sessions, you get a free introductory session (60 minutes) intended for us to get to know each other and define all the life coaching goals. During the sessions, we can follow one of the programs or tackle a specific problem that you face.

  • 1 session: 247 EUR (120 minutes)
  • 4 sessions: 497 EUR (4x 90 minutes + free introductory session 60 minutes)
  • 12 sessions: 1,197 EUR (12x 90 minutes + free introductory session 60 minutes)
  • Payment: Paypal

Then you can buy additional 4 or 12 weekly sessions every time they run out. That’s only if you want to continue our collaboration. And if you decide to cancel our collaboration, you can do that every time your sessions run out, with no additional long-term obligations.

You can book the sessions in the form below. I will immediately send you the questionnaire and the link to my schedule, where you can schedule the first online talk for next week already. I’m looking forward to our collaboration.

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Let’s together discover who you really are deep down and build a superior life plan based on your true needs and desires. Then you’ll get all the encouragement you’ll ever need and complete emotional support when things get tough. But through it all, I’ll hold you accountable for delivering results.