Is going to a conference a waste of time?

Is going to a conference a waste of time?

It might surprise you, but going to a conference can be a huge waste of time. It’s absolutely fun to meet new people at conferences, get a little bit motivated by enthusiastic speakers, acquire new knowledge, drink cocktails at the after-event parties and so on, but…

It can be much more productive to acquire knowledge by enrolling into an online course, to perform a targeted sales call rather than meet random people at a conference, and to have fun with people you really deeply care about.

I don’t want to be a killjoy, but being out of the office for a day or even more is a huge investment. Not to mention all the logistics, the ticket and hotel costs, and so on.

Do you know how much you can do in one or two days in the office without any distractions? Or how much you can learn? It’s insane.

Okay, I don’t want to completely dismiss conferences. There are actually three main reasons why you should attend a conference.

(1) First, if you really need a motivational boost. You know, get a kick in the ass. That’s what conferences can be really good for.

(2) Secondly, if your potential customers are at the event and you plan to sell your products and services like crazy. You know, you have the goal to generate at least 30 new leads and 1 new customer.

(3) And the last reason to join a conference is if you want to meet a certain speaker in person and the conference format enables you to do so.

Attending a conference can also be a great way to build you brand, but then you shouldn’t attend the conference as an attendee, but as a speaker.

With having this in mind, the next time you decide to register for a conference, have a very clear reason why you’re doing so. Remember, the best way to attend a conference is as a speaker. If the organizers pay you, even better.

And absolutely make sure going to a conference is not a waste of time.