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eBooks available to download

The best time management guide ever

The best time management guide will teach you how to really organize yourself to the full, from dealing with distractions and not spending too much time on time wasters to organizing your environment. It’s the only time management guide you will ever need (40 pages PDF).

AgileLeanLife TimeManagmentGuide eBookCover

The time management guide covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction why time management is so important
  2. The biggest time wasters
  3. Procrastination
  4. Eliminating distractions from your life
  5. Organizing yourself
  6. Productivity tricks
  7. Agile and lean time management ideas
  8. Other innovative time management ideas

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21 Harsh Life Secrets No One Ever Told You

AgileLeanLife 21HarshLifeSecrets eBookCover21 Harsh Life Secrets No One Ever Told You is a 40-page eye-opening book explaining why things are so hard in life sometimes, especially with relationships, and what you can do about it. It explains the often naive thinking that leads to misfortune and depression. This eBook can really change your life.

Here are a few examples of the harsh life truths that no one ever told you and that you will learn about in the eBook:

  • Success and happiness are two completely different things
  • If you don’t know what you want, life will kick you around
  • The (social) media world is distorting your picture of reality and making you feel bad
  • If you aren’t honest with yourself, it’s like kicking yourself in the balls
  • Being good doesn’t mean life will spare you problems
  • Politics are a large part of life
  • The big irony of life is that nobody cares, but haters gonna hate
  • Your sexual capital matters a lot in attracting the spouse you want in your life
  • The world has changed so much and it will change even more, so prepare yourself

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AgileLeanLife Manifesto

AgileLeanLife Manifesto eBookCoverThe AgileLeanLife manifesto explains how to use agile development and lean startup techniques in everyday life to achieve a totally new level of personal performance. It takes traditional life and time management principles a quantum step further. It also explains many important life principles that lead to greater happiness, productivity and success. This eBook can really change how you organize your life and your future.

The manifesto will teach you more about the following principles:

  1. Search before you execute: Experiment – Reflect – Learn – Execute
  2. Go out and see for yourself, see in order to compose your dream life
  3. Optimize your entire life, not only parts of it
  4. Visualize, simplify and make a move
  5. Move fast and with focus in the execution phase by using the flow
  6. Plan regular intervals with reflections and adjustments
  7. Believe in yourself rather than look for outside safety
  8. Relationships and environment instead of work and tasks
  9. Continuously improve yourself and your environment
  10. Create value, be flexible and modest rather than have an ego
  11. Life accounting – measure everything
  12. Live life with love and respect

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Metrics for bloggers

Metrics that matter for bloggersEven though it may sound crazy, writing is quite a small part of blogging. Quality content is important. Very important. But distribution and monetization are by far the greatest challenges for every blogger. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good the content you’re creating is if nobody is reading it or willing to pay for it.

Here is the big catch. It’s easy to post things on social networks. Understanding what happens afterwards and what works and what doesn’t in your chosen niche is the hardest part. You have to understand markets (your niche) extremely well to write content that people are going to really consume and share.

And you must have the necessary market insights to create products that people are going to buy. The only way to achieve that is with testing, metrics that matter and validated learning.

This eBook is all about that, how to measure your real blogging progress. Reading the eBook, you will learn why metrics really matter, the difference between vanity and actionable metrics, which metrics you should measure as a blogger (complete overview), how you should measure your metrics, which actions you should take based on metrics and insights and much more.

The eBook has 7 parts and comes with many free templates and other freebies:

  • Part 1: Metrics that matter for bloggers – understanding the basics
  • Part 2: How to make money blogging and financial metrics
  • Part 3: Website analytics for bloggers
  • Part 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) metrics for bloggers
  • Part 5: Email marketing metrics for bloggers
  • Part 6: Social media metrics for bloggers
  • Part 7: Validated learning and dashboards for bloggers

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