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Here is the good news that will make your day, especially if you like free and useful things. On this blog, you will find that many free downloads. Yes, they are completely free. You can download and save all different kinds of files on your computer, either to read them later, revise when you’re offline or as help when you’re doing different exercises and applying theory to practice.

The downloads are usually placed among different blog posts, so you can read the theoretical background with practical examples first. Still, here you can find all the free downloads in one place.

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You can choose from the following downloads:

AgileLeanLife Download eBooks


If you prefer books over blogs posts, here’s some good news. You can download quite a few eBooks completely for free in the PDF or even epub and mobi format. So you can always have quality content with you to inspire you for personal development.

AgileLeanLife Download Templates


Templates are different spreadsheets, worksheets, exercise files and even PDFs for print that you can find all over the blog. The purpose of the templates is to help you immediately implement theory into practice. Here, you can find all of the templates in one place.

AgileLeanLife Download Presentations


Presentations are often the perfect format for getting an overview of a specific topic and to more easily comprehend the knowledge when reading the blog posts afterwards. You can find many different presentations on topics such as lean startup, agile development, productivity and personal development.

AgileLeanLife Download Infographics


There is more information for our brain to capture in a single picture than on dozens of pages of text; additionally, we can process pictures much faster than words. Infographics can help you understand the main idea of certain topics on this blog faster. Here are all of them in one place.

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