The only solution on the table if you are feeling stuck

Many times, we feel stuck in life. You may feel like you are stuck in a relationship, in a job or in life in general. It happens to all of us. It’s a shitty mixture of feeling paralyzed, depressed, overwhelmed, hopeless, being in doubt about the future and many other similar negative feelings. You may not have suicidal thoughts, but feeling stuck can often go even so far that you may just want things to be over (with your life). It’s definitely not a pleasant feeling. You usually get stuck after making a series of bad decisions. It can be a few major bad decisions like getting into business with the wrong person, making a big bad investment etc. or several small bad decisions like not taking care of your body daily, drinking too much alcohol, not following your True North, ignoring your feelings etc. No wonder that people most often feel stuck in their own body (illness, being overweight) or mind (bad thinking patterns), in their key relationships (boss, coworkers, spouse, family, social groups), in a job or career, in money-related things, or even in negative market trends, in constant unhappiness, and in a lack of creativity or intellectual stimulation or a lack of hope or having no direction in life. The most important question is: what should you do when you are feeling stuck?