Executive coaching – When hard things need to get done

Starting a new company, surviving fast growth or managing an established company that is under constant threat from the competitors is definitely not an easy job. That’s why every successful entrepreneur or manager needs a highly-qualified coach.

A lot of research has shown that having the right coach can help a company grow faster, be more profitable and avoid failure when the hard times come.

Being an entrepreneur or manager is like eating glass. – Elon Musk

Understanding business processes in detail, knowing global paradigms and new technology, working with hundreds of companies across the globe and studying human psychology as a personal coach enables me to provide high‑quality coaching to CEOs, entrepreneurs and management personnel.

In the past 12 years, I’ve successfully helped many startups and serial entrepreneurs, management board members and investors as an executive coach.

Blaz Kos - Executive Coaching

The executive coaching that I do is based on joining the knowledge from psychology and psychotherapy on the one hand, and the lean startup, agile development and other productivity methodologies on the other.

Combining all that, I can help executives, entrepreneurs and other leaders better understand the problems they face from a psychological, organizational, strategical and executional point of view; and find the best solution that can be easily implemented.

The results of executive coaching are quickly seen in faster and better decision making, developing resilience and overcoming apathy, as well as in higher productivity, result-driven behavior, better communication with coworkers and stakeholders, and tighter business relationships.

I most often help leaders through the following challenges:

  1. Going through startup failure
  2. Managing high growth
  3. Becoming an extraordinary leader
  4. Becoming a productive executive that delivers results

At the end of the page, you can also:

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  2. Book executive coaching sessions

1. After the startup failure

AgileLeanLife - Executive Coaching - Startup FailureMost startups fail and when that happens, founders have to go through really tough times. Financial, energy and reputation losses needs to be properly managed, but so does all the emotional pain and the sensitive mind, which often sees reality much darker than it really is.

To go through failure with the minimum amount of damage and losses, I help entrepreneurs prepare a proper plan to give closure to their story and start a new one. I help entrepreneurs get the most out of their failure.

Executive coaching after a startup failure is based on the following processes:

  • Mitigating financial losses
  • Sorting things out with other co-founders
  • Communicating failure with other important stakeholders and minimizing the damage
  • Emotionally processing the failure
  • Lessons learned from the failure
  • Identifying and managing cognitive distortions
  • Preparing a plan for the next step
  • Unconditional support in executing the plan

AgileLeanLife - Executive Coaching - Book

If you’re facing startup failure, I will help you get the most out of the failure and prepare a new plan that will get you out of the tough position as quickly as possible. I will help you define a new vision and new goals based on your new why, and help you make the first steps towards a brighter future.

2. Managing high growth

AgileLeanLife - Executive Coaching - Managing High GrowthManaging high growth is extremely hard. All the new people, constant unexpected problems and expansion goals can be extremely challenging, hard to manage and complex.

The main problem for managers and entrepreneurs is that being inside the storm often prevents you from seeing the bigger picture and making the best decisions. That’s what my job as an executive coach is in this case –accounting for all the factors in a particular situation and helping to find the right solution.

Most of the time, executive coaching for managing growth is based on clearly identifying the problems, goals, and organizational issues, and finding the best solution fast based on the given time, financial, human and other resources. I also offer executives the emotional support they need to go through all the tough decisions.

Business coaching for easier growth management consists of:

  • Keeping the big visions, while staying flexible about how to get there
  • Brainstorming solutions to different business problems and challenges
  • Helping management go through hard times and make better decisions
  • Proper conflict management among team members
  • Professionalizing different business functions and processes
  • Attracting and integrating the right kind of people

AgileLeanLife - Executive Coaching - Book

The main idea of executive coaching in this case is to build a company around the product as smoothly as possible, while expanding fast, attracting the right people and putting the right processes, procedures and cultural elements in place.

3. Becoming an extraordinary leader

AgileLeanLife - Executive Coaching - Leadership SkillsThere’s a big difference between being a manager and being a true leader. Even when you get the formal title, it can be very hard and challenging to achieve the informal leadership position and lead by example.

In order to achieve that, you must constantly improve yourself and work hard to bring out the best in you and the people you work with. You need to develop core leadership skills. That’s what my leadership coaching is all about, helping you become the best version of yourself as a leader.

The topics I cover on the path of helping you become an extraordinary leader:

  • The growth mindset and kaizen culture
  • Defining the team’s vision and mission
  • Preparing an execution plan and prioritizing tasks
  • Delegating and making sure people deliver
  • Motivating and empowering team members
  • Preparing a development plan for all the team members
  • Extraordinary communication skills and conflict management
  • Creating an environment and culture in which people thrive
  • Quick problem identification and focusing on the solution
  • Innovation and creativity encouragement

AgileLeanLife - Executive Coaching - Book

Based on the topics covered, we define your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and then work further on improving strengths and eliminating weaknesses. During the coaching sessions, I first present the theory and best practices from specific leadership topics, then we analyze your current behavior and find new ways to achieve goals better and more easily.

4. A productive executive that delivers results

AgileLeanLife - Executive Coaching - Highly Productive ExecutiveAll successful executives are extremely productive and goal‑oriented, and they absolutely have a great capacity for delivering results. They are producers who work hard, but with time also know how to work smart.

The best executives have a bulletproof personal management system that keeps them highly productive almost every single day. Leading by example and having good leadership skills, they also know how to keep the productivity of their team high.

I help executives become extremely productive, and then give them all the tools they need to make their team ultra-productive as well. The approaches I use:

  • Defining low-value and high-value activities for leaders and executives
  • Analysis of the time spent on different activities
  • Defining the 100-day plan with the main focus points that need to be delivered
  • Removing all the waste and low-value activities
  • Organizing a personal productivity system and Kanban board
  • Organizing yourself in an agile way with biweekly sprints and regular introspections
  • Proper management of all the distractions and interruptions
  • A system for working in the flow
  • Following asset-light living and organizing your life in the cloud
  • Setting limits and keeping enough margin to not get overwhelmed
  • Employing different time management tricks to find a healthy life-work balance
  • Delegating, optimizing and standardizing work
  • Organizing the environment and process for the team to become very productive

AgileLeanLife - Executive Coaching - Book

If you’re interested in becoming more productive, you can also read my articles on productivity or check my productivity online course.

Technical details of executive coaching

If you’re an entrepreneur, executive, manager or in any other leadership position, I can help you become the best version of yourself as a leader. I prepare extensively for every session and make sure you get the most out of those 90 minutes, without wasting any time.

I can always adjust the coaching sessions to your needs and wishes, but the most common mentoring format is the following:

  • Introductory session: 60 minutes + questionnaire (if you book 4 or 12 sessions)
  • Weekly session: 90 minutes, preferably at the same time and day
    • After the first four sessions, we adjust the system to what works best
    • You can reschedule a session with a 24 hours’ advance notice
  • Communication: Skype, Zoom (or any alternative) and e-mail
    • You get a recap e-mail with a detailed weekly plan to action to move you towards your goals
    • I do e-mail accountability (check up on you) and I’m always available by e-mail for quick questions
  • Exercise templates: Spreadsheets and work documents
  • Mentoring language: English

I keep all consultation details and exercise materials completely confidential. We can sign a non-disclosure agreement before the executive coaching starts.

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Easy way to start, pay or cancel executive coaching sessions

The pricing model is pretty simple. You can book 1, 4 or 12 executive coaching sessions. If you decide to book 4 or 10 sessions, you get a free introductory session so that we can get to know each other and define all executive coaching goals. During the sessions, we can follow one of the programs or tackle specific executive problems you currently face.

  • 1 session: 247 EUR (120 minutes)
  • 4 sessions: 497 EUR (4x 90 minutes + free introductory session 60 minutes)
  • 12 sessions: 1,197 EUR (12x 90 minutes + free introductory session 60 minutes)

You can buy additional 4 or 12 weekly sessions every time they run out. If you decide to cancel our collaboration, you can do that every time your sessions run out, with no additional long-term obligations.

You can book the sessions below. I will immediately send you the link to my schedule, where you can schedule the first executive coaching session. I’m looking forward to our collaboration.

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