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Below, you can find all the infographics I designed to visually present different blog posts. You’re welcome to save, download or share them or even put them on Pinterest. Underneath every infographic, you can also find a link to the article that’s visually presented.

How to organize yourself with to-do lists

An important part of success in life is to organize yourself really well and reach your maximum productivity levels. This infographic shows you how to excel in organizing your life with different to-do lists. It also shows many ideas for how to use agile management, lean startup and other best business practices in personal life to achieve maximum productivity.

AgileLeanLife ToDoLists Infographics

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The new age

The infographic below explains the three big revolutions we encountered in the past, and the fourth one that’s coming. It also explains all the advantages and disadvantages that the third revolution, the so-called creative society or post-information age, has brought to our lives.

Old and new management techniques

The new post-information age or creative society also calls for totally new management techniques and organizational systems. The infographic below explains the difference between traditional and contemporary management techniques, in both business and personal life.

Waste in life

Everything you do, relate and own in life can either empower you and add value to your life, which leads to progress. But it can also drag you down. The latter is the so-called waste in life. This infographic is about the different types of waste in life that you should avoid at all costs.

The difference between success and failure

There is a simple difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Successful people make a few big decisions (who to marry, which industry to work for etc.) and several small everyday decisions (what to eat, whether to watch TV or read etc.) right, while unsuccessful people don’t make such good choices. The difference is very well explained in the following infographic.

Formulas for success in life

The formulas for success in life are pretty simple. The infographic below shows formulas for success in different areas of life, like wealth, health and relationships. Although the formula for success is pretty simple, consistently following it is quite a different story.