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I am on a life mission to make the world a more organized, innovative and transparent place by helping individuals, organizations and communities achieve their peak potential and an entirely new level of performance.


I help individuals, companies and organizations to create, deliver and capture real value by becoming lean and agile. I carry out my mission by providing info products, consulting services and speaking engagements.

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Aiming for the top?

No one can succeed alone. I can help you.

Let me first tell you a secret about how extraordinary things in business and life are achieved and how you can do it too. All you need is…


Lean techniques are designed for intensely innovating, conquering uncertainty and eliminating everything that doesn’t bring real value to the complex contemporary world. It's the best way towards finding a disruptive innovation.

The key lean principles are testing before execution, a minimum viable product, validated learning, innovation accounting and data-based pivot.


Agile management is today’s superior management. It’s designed for efficiently executing a specific task the right way.

The key agile tools and principles are cross-functional teams, adaptive planning, early delivery, continuous improvement, a flexible response to change, efficient face-to-face communication, quality focus and simplicity.


In everything you do in life, you have to start with a strong purpose (why?) and strive to build your own value-based “tribe” (community). The fastest way to achieve the latter is to leverage inbound marketing and put data before rhetoric.

You have to be passionate about your vision, care deeply about your mission and make data driven decisions.


Win! I know it’s not about the ego, it’s who you are – a winner. But no one can succeed alone. Even Bill Gates had a team. Let me help you reach an entirely new level of performance.

I help individuals, companies and organizations to become more innovative, successful and efficient by implementing agile and lean techniques. 

Here is the quote from one of my clients:

Blaz Kos offers much more than consulting services. He delivers results.”

Primary consulting areas

I most often help companies in the following areas:

  • General strategic consulting
  • New product development the lean and agile way
  • Becoming more innovative the lean and agile way
  • Implementing agile management techniques
  • Improving project management and leadership
  • Increasing the overall productivity
  • Business planning and analyzing
  • Marketing and internet marketing strategy
  • Building a community

I most often help individuals with personal coaching in the following areas:

  • Personal peak performance
  • Time management and better focus
  • Goal setting and achieving goals the agile and lean way
  • Changing a career
  • Starting your own business
  • Building additional revenue streams

Speaking engagements

I frequently speak at events worldwide, sharing agile and lean knowledge to organizations, individuals, teams and other groups.

On all the listed topics below a lecture (30 – 60 min), workshop (2 – 3 hours) or masterclass (4 – 6 hours) can be given. I also do personal consultations for founders, management or other key employees. One of the options is also long-term coaching  with a session of one to two times per week. The consultations or long-term coaching can be performed via Skype or similar means.

I don’t do free speaking engagements or consultations, you can find tons of useful free content on this/my blog.


Topics for individuals and groups

An agile and lean life (The ALL Way) 

Lean and agile as purple plasmaLearn the revolutionary techniques of managing your personal life, straight from the brutal start-up world and beyond compare to any other management system. By learning the “lean and agile” approach you will have access to more resources, such as money, energy and time, you will have many tools to help you handle distractions, information overload, anxiety and uncertainty, and much more. “A lean and agile life” is the way to have it all in today’s world.

Lean and agile techniques are also about better health, fitness and self-esteem, better business and personal relationships, as well as providing real value to the world, thus making it a better place to live for all of us.  A lean and agile life is the new life management concept, simply because in today’s complex world, setting long-term goals just doesn’t work anymore.

Free yourself from the contemporary world’s disadvantages and learn how to live life to the full.

A strong decision-making system 

Lean and agile as orange plasmaThe magic phrase for a happy life in today’s complex world, full of endless options, distractions, products and information, is psychological capital. Without a “strong backbone”, you can quickly forget about your true self, your wishes, goals and priorities; you can easily lose yourself in checking boring e-mails, social networks, TV, commercial catalogues and other time-wasters. You deserve more.

The basis for a “strong backbone” is a bulletproof decision-making system. This lecture is all about prioritizing, making better life decisions, managing time, money, energy, handling information, learning how to say no and unsubscribing from all unnecessary distractions.

Creative economy skills 

Lean and agile as red plasmaI have seen many competent people who only lacked a few skills to become really successful (the exception are ultra-geeks). Those skills are the key assets for success in today’s creative economy. There are 12 of them, all irreplaceable: : Creativity – having ideas, focus – setting priorities, persistence – going through tough times, calmness – managing uncertainty, marketing – building a personal brand, sales – delivering impressive presentations, networking – providing value to people, analyzing and strategizing – knowing where you are, where you want to go and how to get there, leading people – exposing yourself and taking initiative, leveraging technology – using all the gadgets to your advantage. Effective communication and team work can also be added to the list.

The workshop is about guidelines and ideas for developing each of the 12 competences without reading dozens of books, encountering a big struggle and feeling overwhelmed. Since all of the skills are quite connected you can easily develop more of them with only a few simple activities. Curious about how?

Building or changing a career 

Lean and agile as dark green plasmaIf you are asking yourself how to build a successful career from scratch, with no connections, no or little savings and no background, this workshop gives many unique ideas. It’s all about getting to know different techniques and approaches for finding your talents, developing personal competences and skills (inner resources), exploiting market trends and technology, marketing yourself and building a professional network; a step-by-step guide for building your dream career.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to find the perfect job, be self-employed, an entrepreneur or an investor, this workshop will help you by sharing many ideas on how to achieve your goals, from leveraging social networks and internet media, MOOCs to using techniques like the lean funnel marketing approach, the Kanban progress visualization and similar.

The workshop is perfect for university students, young ambitious people and people who are thinking about promotion or career change.

Relationship management 

Lean and agile as yellow plasmaHeaven or hell on Earth are people we are in business and personal relationships with. The quality of our life is based mainly on the quality of our relationships. Therefore we should make sure that we have the best relationships possible.

The concept is quite easy. Every relationship is like a bank account. Each person involved in a specific relationship can make a deposit (do something good, provide value) or a withdrawal (make mistakes, exploit, take, having bad energy etc.). Likewise, you can’t have positive or negative emotions at the same time, so every word or action can only help you make a deposit or a withdrawal. When things become too unbalanced, relationships go sour. The more deposits that both people involved make, the more valuable the relationship has.

This lecture is about managing relationships and keeping the balance – not taking too much and not giving much more than receiving. With just a few small mindset changes and behavior tricks, your relationships can start to blossom. Learn how.

Personal metrics that matter 

Lean and agile as blue plasmaYou can get easily confused from all the information overload and contrary advice, consequently asking yourself questions like is money really not important in life, can achievement bring real happiness, can love life have a happy ending, am I making any real fitness progress, how to measure things in life, benchmark, how to prioritize etc.

This workshop is about real and actionable metrics in your personal life. It’s all about the metrics that matter and the hierarchy of values that really lead to a happy and quality life. At the workshop, the participants get the right framework, all the necessary tools to make decisions, and templates for measuring real progress in different areas (health, relationships). What is even better is that when you learn how to measure your personal progress, you feel much better about yourself and you can achieve even more.


Topics for businesses and other organizations

A lean and agile company

Lean and agile as green plasmaIt’s very easy to say that you have a “lean and agile” company. If nothing else, it sounds sexy and cool, but in reality it is extremely hard to implement “lean and agile” principles into a company’s culture, strategy and processes. Ironically, if you don’t implement “lean and agile” techniques correctly and adapt them on a case-by-case basis, it’s a big waste of time and resources. And my mission in life is to eliminate all unnecessary waste in organizations.

I help organizations really become lean and agile, not only on paper – from developing new innovations together with (potential) customers to setting the right metrics to measure progress.

Leading small teams 

Lean and agile as yellow plasmaPeople are not only one part of the company, people are everything in the company. A company is characterized by how people are hired and managed, not by its plans. The lecture or workshop “leading small teams” is about tips and tricks on how to successfully manage a small team  of (up to 10) people – from creating an innovative and goal oriented culture, setting a strong vision and values that motivate people to applying agile management techniques in everyday work and using different software solutions as a support.

I have led many small teams and, with just a few techniques, dramatically increased their productivity, efficiency, quality of teamwork and innovation culture. Every team is merely the reflection of the leadership. If you have the right tools and the right approach, you get the right people and can change the world.

Innovate or evaporate

Lean and agile as dark blue plasmaOrganizations that do not constantly innovate and find the right “product-market fits” while innovating, don’t have a bright future ahead of them. But constant innovation is hard, demanding and exhausting. Therefore it is necessary to leverage and include all the stakeholders in the innovation process – from every employee to different customer segments, sales channels, community or maybe even competition.

Every organization has to implement a series of processes to collect, develop, assess and deliver innovation in the form of new products or services. The good news is that the constant innovation mindset can be implemented into company’s culture and processes systematically and scientifically.

Business metrics that matter 

Lean and agile as pink plasmaThe amount of data every organization can use for decision making is rising very fast. With the increasing volume, velocity and variety of data, management can get lost easily and monitor too little, too much or even the wrong data. Setting key metrics (or key performance indicators) based on innovation accounting principles for new products, and traditional metrics for mature products and company as a whole, is one of the most important things for measuring real progress in every organization.

A very uncomfortable situation arises when the management has a good feeling based on vanity metrics, but there is no or little progress being made on the market in reality. Let’s prevent that together.

Benefit from global paradigms

Lean and agile as blue plasmaYou can have an excellent idea with an experienced team on the one hand and a bad market on the other, and the market will win. You can have an average team and an average idea, and if market is big and growing, the market will win. Market with its trends always wins. Additionally, the product-market fit cures many sins of management. You have to leverage trends to your advantage.

There are two market paradigms that can be exploited to a company’s advantage. One are industry based trends (very specific) and the other are general (global) ones. The workshop concerns global paradigms and trends that companies can turn to their advantage. We are talking about trends like inbound marketing, new sales channels, global cost optimization etc.


Other services

I also offer consulting services (start-up ecosystem development, incubation and acceleration programs, seed investing etc.), to:

  • Incubators, technology parks and TTO
  • Venture capital funds
  • Governments


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