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Welcome to the Startups & Business category. For more than 10 years, I built businesses and helped high-tech startups grow globally. Building a new business is one of the most demanding career challenges and unfortunately, the majority of new companies go out of business in a few years.

I’ve seen thousands of companies fail, and only a handful succeed. Most of the successful startups followed the lean startup practice, by the way.

It takes quite some luck to build a globally successful business, but even more it takes a systematic approach to understanding the markets, and properly setting up and optimizing different business functions. In different stages of company’s growth, you must focus on different milestones, and being able to engage people with a different set of competences.

Building or running a business is half art, half science. This category is devoted to different tips, tricks, guides and general advice on how to successfully start a new business or manage an existing one, on both sides of the equation – art and science.

The Skyscraper Technique to skyrocket your success

AgileLeanLife Framework is not only about implementing agile development and lean startup techniques into your personal life to increase productivity and be more successful. It's also about other good business practices that can take your performance and quality of life to the next level. So let's look at quite a popular technique from internet marketing that you can also use in different areas of your life. It’s called the Skyscraper technique. The Skyscraper technique in content marketing suggests that you find a good piece of content from your competitor or somewhere else (the so-called linkable asset), you make it multiple

What I have learned from my biggest failures in life

They all say you shouldn’t be afraid to fail, since failure is an integral part of success; if you want to succeed, you simply have to go from failure to failure without giving up. Next to that, we can also find a very popular view on failure saying that you can usually learn much more from your failures than you can from your successes. Both statements are true in a way. But what you’ll hear much more rarely is that failing really sucks. It sucks big time. It hurts, it hinders your self-confidence and you feel really shitty about yourself

How to get business ideas

It’s true: having a good business idea is a tiny part of success in business. Much more important elements of start-up success are finding a sustainable and scalable business model and execution, together with a superior strategy, resilience, building a winning team and so on. Nevertheless, a good business idea presents the beginning of everything. It’s the first step you make. It’s the spark that ignites your fire and fuels your vision and everything that enables you to engage other people and resources. Getting a good business idea is also usually a process, not a single event. That’s where most people