Category: Relationships

We humans are social beings and healthy relationships are a very important part of a peaceful and happy life – private and business one. People are the ones who can make life on this planet heaven or hell for us.

Everybody wants to have loving and trustworthy people around them, yet relationships are so hard to manage. Additionally, every relationship goes through a series of ups and downs, and faces relationship crises.

The good news is that if you are proactive in relationships, you can dramatically increase their quality, even with difficult people. Relationship management is a skill and once you learn it, you can enjoy a variety of different relationships that lead to feelings of love, belonging, co-creation and connectedness, without too much drama.

Quality relationships lead to happiness, and long‑term isolation leads to misery.

This category is a collection of relationship tips, hacks and advice. The articles discuss topics like setting boundaries and realistic expectations in relationships as well as practical advice on how to manage key business and personal relationships.

People in your life will either inspire you or drain you, and relationship posts on this blog and under this category will help you choose and build relationships wisely so they will become the greatest source of inspiration in your life.

Blog posts under this category are organized by date published. Under the Relationship track, you will find the articles organized in a more systematic way, so you can learn relationship management step by step.

The best relationship advice ever

Here’s some shocking news to start with. Relationships don’t even really exist. They simply don’t. If you don’t believe me, try to hold a relationship in your hand or move it from one place to another. You can’t. Because relationships only exist in your head. Every relationship you have in your life is nothing but a collection of thoughts, including memories and different convictions about a person. Why is this such an important fact? Well, because if relationships are only thoughts in your head and they don’t really exist, it can be easily manipulated how you see a specific relationship. You

Relationships are like glass – but the glass is already broken

There are many versions of the story symbolizing how relationships are like glass. Relationships are fragile and easily broken. After the damage, you can pick up the pieces and put them back together, but you rarely find every piece and the glass never looks the same again. Well, these quotes are badly misleading. Because in the real life the glass is already broken. Here is why.

How social pressure really looks like

I am extremely picky about the people I spend my time with. I value time the most. I want to spend my time with smart, enthusiastic people, people who constantly improve, develop their talents and want to contribute to the world. I police my every decision very carefully so that I don’t spend time with zombies or people who drag me down. Because zombies and energy vampires have a devastating negative influence on your life. They can suck every single drop of optimism from you. With such a carefully selected environment, you can imagine how surprised I was when I

Extremely good or bad times are real relationships test

In normal, or even slightly good or bad times, anyone can be a good friend, a good business partner or a good spouse. Normal times never show the darkest part of a person’s character, unless the person is an asshole by default. Extremes do. Extremes show whose personality really is larger than life and whose character is lower than a snake’s belly. Well, everyone makes a mistake or breaks from time to time, but if you see consistently atypical behavior in extreme times when interacting with someone, you can see deep down their soul. You don’t even have to look

How not to raise a child

It's not about being a perfect parent. It's about not repeating mistakes and knowing how to say sorry. I have no idea how to raise children the right way. I don’t have them yet and I never write or preach about the things I haven’t experienced on my own skin or somehow succeeded at. But I definitely know how not to raise a child. It always surprises me how parents most often don’t read even a single book about raising children. Usually the funny argument is: I’ll raise my kids like my parents raised me, I turned out okay somehow and