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We humans are social beings and healthy relationships are a very important part of a peaceful and happy life – private and business one. People are the ones who can make life on this planet heaven or hell for us.

Everybody wants to have loving and trustworthy people around them, yet relationships are so hard to manage. Additionally, every relationship goes through a series of ups and downs, and faces relationship crises.

The good news is that if you are proactive in relationships, you can dramatically increase their quality, even with difficult people. Relationship management is a skill and once you learn it, you can enjoy a variety of different relationships that lead to feelings of love, belonging, co-creation and connectedness, without too much drama.

Quality relationships lead to happiness, and long‑term isolation leads to misery.

This category is a collection of relationship tips, hacks and advice. The articles discuss topics like setting boundaries and realistic expectations in relationships as well as practical advice on how to manage key business and personal relationships.

People in your life will either inspire you or drain you, and relationship posts on this blog and under this category will help you choose and build relationships wisely so they will become the greatest source of inspiration in your life.

Blog posts under this category are organized by date published. Under the Relationship track, you will find the articles organized in a more systematic way, so you can learn relationship management step by step.

Models: Attract Women Through Honesty – Book Summary

The four most important life areas for the majority of people are love, health, wealth and general happiness. If any of these life pillars collapse, the quality of life dramatically decreases. Out of these four, love is probably the trickiest one, since many factors are beyond your influence. But here’s the thing. You can’t force somebody to fall in love with you, but you can definitely improve your odds. The book to go to if you want to improve your odds as a man dating women is Models: Attract Women Through Honesty written by Mark Manson. Here you can read the summary of the book.

The best tools for successful conflict resolution in personal relationships

Every single relationship is also a bit of a power struggle. Most often the struggle is very subtle and goes unnoticed. These are all the times when you’re making small compromises, looking for common ground, gently testing the boundaries and exchanging superficial thoughts and opinions – selecting a place to eat, a movie to watch or gossiping about a third person. But from time to time, the power struggle escalates. At the end of the day, you can’t agree with everyone on everything and you can’t always find common ground. The bigger the differences in goals, opinions, beliefs, interests, values, ideas, motivations or desires, especially the ones that are very important to you, the fiercer the conflict usually is. Conflicts become especially strong when you take something personally or when relationship boundaries are seriously breached. That's when good conflict resolution skills come into play.

How much relationship drama is just too much?

Every relationship is a dynamic mixture of two energies – positive and negative ones. Positive energies are the energies of connecting, sharing and loving. They bring people closer. Negative energies as the second dynamic are thoughts, words and actions that bring distance and tension in relationships. Negative energies are the energies of disconnecting, excluding, hating and alienating. Negative energies are present in every single relationship. Nevertheless, there is a limit to how much negative energy is too much. There is a point when too many negative energies make the relationship a toxic one. Then the relationship becomes abusive, destructive and life destroying.

The real secrets to outstanding communication

The only path to outstanding relationships in your personal and professional life is outstanding communication. Consequently, excelling in communicational skills is absolutely one of the most important skills you can possess, if not the skill number one. In this blog post, you will learn these few core concepts that will make you a great communicator. Not only great, an outstanding communicator. If you decide to implement them in everyday life, your professional and personal relationships will start to blossom.

Healthy relationships are what matters most in life

Relationships are heaven or hell on Earth. Good relationships can make your life really worth living, and crappy people in your life can make you suffer, really suffer and drown in misery. Thus you must forge your relationships very carefully; and make sure you only have healthy relationships in your life. In this article you will learn why relationships are heaven or hell on Earth, different types of relationships and why they matter, what you should expect from different relationships, how to choose who to spend time with and how to find people who will support you in life.