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We humans are social beings and healthy relationships are a very important part of a peaceful and happy life – private and business one. People are the ones who can make life on this planet heaven or hell for us.

Everybody wants to have loving and trustworthy people around them, yet relationships are so hard to manage. Additionally, every relationship goes through a series of ups and downs, and faces relationship crises.

The good news is that if you are proactive in relationships, you can dramatically increase their quality, even with difficult people. Relationship management is a skill and once you learn it, you can enjoy a variety of different relationships that lead to feelings of love, belonging, co-creation and connectedness, without too much drama.

Quality relationships lead to happiness, and long‑term isolation leads to misery.

This category is a collection of relationship tips, hacks and advice. The articles discuss topics like setting boundaries and realistic expectations in relationships as well as practical advice on how to manage key business and personal relationships.

People in your life will either inspire you or drain you, and relationship posts on this blog and under this category will help you choose and build relationships wisely so they will become the greatest source of inspiration in your life.

Blog posts under this category are organized by date published. Under the Relationship track, you will find the articles organized in a more systematic way, so you can learn relationship management step by step.

Relationship circles – The most important diagram of your life

Research shows that if you had to choose one variable that influences the quality of your life the most, it would be relationships. It’s not money or fame or good looks, it’s relationships. People who are deeply connected to their friends, family, co-workers and even the local community live longer, are healthier, happier, more fulfilled and live a better life in general. The good life. A very good start to relationship proactivity is to map all the people who are present in your life. List all the 150 or so people that interact with on a regular basis and then arrange them in four categories; actually, in four different types of circles, based on how close they are to you.

No More Mr. Nice Guy – Why women don’t like nice guys – Book Summary

A nice guy can be quickly confused when they hear the statement that women are attracted to assholes and that nice guys finish last. I suffered from the same confusion, not knowing why being nice is so problematic. I always wanted to be exclusively a nice person, but that often didn’t lead to the results I wanted. Sometimes it backfired in a nasty way and I didn’t understand why. At the end of the day, I was only being nice. The confusion went away after reading No More Mr. Nice Guy written by the psychotherapist Robert A. Glover. After reading the book, I finally understood that there is a healthy form of being nice (something we should all do) and a very toxic one (fawning). And the toxic form is the one that backfires almost every time, because it’s nothing but a manipulation strategy. Being a nice guy (the toxic …

A simple trick to express negative emotions in a mature way

Every single person on the planet has to deal with negative emotions. Your goal is neither to suppress them nor to completely wipe them out. Your ultimate goal is to learn to properly manage your emotions and make sure they aren’t doing the damage – that means (1) becoming aware of the negative emotions before reacting, (2) controlling your reactions and then (3) expressing them in the healthiest way possible. In this blog post you will learn how to achieve that.

All the possible theories why people fall in love with you

Why do people fall in love? Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. But there are several theories why that happens, and knowing them might give you a good idea of what are all the factors that have an influence on the attraction spark. In general, we divide theories into psychodynamic theories, and selection process or filtering theories. Psychodynamic theories focus on the influence of childhood on mate selection. Process theories are, on the other hand, focused on filtering out potential mates who are not suitable since they don’t fit certain selection criteria, and then in the second step choosing the one that best fits our expectations. Learn more about all of them.

Please don’t criticize people – instead understand, love or mentor them

It’s so easy to criticize other people, and so hard to give a single honest compliment. It’s so easy to see yourself in a good light and focus on imperfections of other people. But criticizing people is a complete lose-lose situation that only creates distance, spreads negative energies and causes tensions. Criticism is one of the worst kinds of negative thinking. If positive thoughts are creative thoughts of connecting, including, sharing and loving, then negative thinking is composed of thoughts and words (and consequently actions) that disconnect, exclude and spread hate. Since it’s impossible to live a positive life with a negative mind, it’s obvious why criticizing others is so unproductive and irrational. So let’s put a stop to it.