Category: Psychology

Psychology is an academic discipline and social science that strives to understand unconscious and conscious behavior and mind of individuals and groups.

Psychologists explore different types of behavioral and mental processes, including perception, attention, cognition, emotion, intelligence and motivation. We also must not forget the examination of how personality and interpersonal relationships develop, as they are an important part of psychology.

On the practical individual level, psychology is all about making people’s life experience happier, more productive and fulfilling. It somehow includes more scientific, systematic and long‑term approaches of personal development to tackle bigger emotional challenges like depression, anxiety, isolation and procrastination.

Psychology (especially psychiatry) also deals with mental illnesses that are treated as serious medical conditions with a combination of medications, therapy and other techniques.

This category is a collection of psychology articles that discuss issues and solutions beyond the power of popular psychology and more superficial personal development tools; however, the articles don’t deal with issues that require medical attention (schizophrenia, chronic depression etc.), since I am not a doctor.

The articles present different types of psychological therapy (psychoanalysis, CBT, transactional analysis etc.), their tools and how they can be applied in personal life. If you are interested in psychology and different types of therapy, these category is the perfect choice for you.

Curiosity is the number one trait of awesome people

Curiosity is one of the most important values you have to develop and nurture if you want to be successful. Even if everybody wants to kill it in you. The main reason for that is because with curiosity, you can easily get engaged, commit to understanding, acquire new knowledge and deliver results (without real effort), and people see that very quickly, love it and want to be a part of it. Not many people are utterly obsessed to understand something and then use it in some productive new way. That’s probably what makes curious people so special. So always stay hungry, always stay foolish.

How to upgrade your mindset – the advanced tools and hacks

There are two general approaches how you can update your mindset - cognitive and behavioral one. The cognitive approach means that you first analyze your emotions and thoughts, then reframe them in a more positive way. More positive thoughts lead to a better mindset and more positive actions, and more positive actions lead to a more positive life and results. The second approach is the behavioral one. This approach means that you change your behavior, and by changing your behavior you change your actions and consequently your mindset also follows by becoming more positive and of a higher quality. The best way is, of course, to use both approaches.

Upgrade your mindset to the superhuman version

You become what you think. Changing your thoughts is the only way you can really change your life to a more positive course and it’s the only way to live the good life you really want. If you want to make positive changes in your life, you really do have to start by upgrading your mindset and the way you think. In this ultimate guide to mindset management you will get access to all the necessary hacks tools that can help you live your dream life, simply by more properly managing your thoughts. Welcome to the ultimate guide that will teach you how to upgrade your mindset – to the superhuman version.

Always have something to look forward to

Make sure you never lose hope. Never ever. No matter how difficult your situation is, no matter how hard life knocked you down, never give up. Never stop hoping for a better future. There is always a way to go forward, there is always a step to make towards a better life, there is always something to look forward to. Instead of drowning in misery and cursing life, take a piece of paper and list all the things you can look forward to. People to meet, things to read, a new project to initiate or things to create, the sun on your face, a tasty meal, a visit to the gym or a cup of coffee. List at least 50 things. There are so many big and small things you can look forward to. Every day, without exceptions. Things to look forward to will definitely strengthen your hope.

More than 100 signs of power

In life, you have to learn how to be powerless if you want to be happy. You have to learn to accept the things you can’t change and all the things you can’t control. It’s not an easy job, but mandatory for a high quality of life. For a good life. “The glass is already broken” mindset may help you with that. The other side of the same coin is that you need to gain as much power in life as possible. The more power you have, the better position you’re in to bend your own destiny and the destiny