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Welcome to the Productivity & Goals category! You have only two options in life. Either you follow your own goals, or you follow the goals of other people. If you don’t build and follow your own dream life, someone else will try to engage you or hire you to help build theirs.

There’s nothing wrong with helping other people achieve their dreams, but you absolutely want to make sure you also have your own goals and that you live your own dream life.

You want to wake up every day with determination and go to bed with deep satisfaction. You want to be maximally creative during the day and produce, deliver and capture as much value on the markets as possible.

You want to make sure you have many hobbies and personal goals that empower you and make your life worthwhile. It feels so good to be productive, to see the fruits of hard and smart work, and cross things off your vision list.

Blog posts under the Productivity & Goals category will help you make sure that you don’t only have a hunch of what your dream life could be, but to carefully define your dream life and build a superior life strategy and plan for how you will achieve all of your dreams.

Reading blog posts under this category will help you achieve a completely new level of personal performance – an elite productivity and goal achieving oriented daily life, while enjoying the path and hard work.

Many of the productivity and goal setting techniques described in the blog posts are inspired by lean startup and agile development approaches in business. If companies aren’t productive, they go out of business.

Superior innovation and organization are thus an important part of every successful company. So, there is no better way to learn how to be productive than from successful companies.

Short life stories – clear goals with a powerful why

By writing "short life stories" based on your vision item list, you strive to achieve the following: With an internal dialog, you want to clarify in detail what exactly is the outcome you want and with an external dialog with all the parties involved, you can synchronize desires, plans and goals. You also want to add all the strong whys to the goal, making it your life mission and adding strong emotional power to it. You can also add list of all the gains you will enjoy by meeting a goal and all the pains you will avoid. Not to mention that short life stories can help you immediately think of implementation, they're something you can easily visualize in your head and put on your personal Kanban board. They're a great input for making a Goal Journey Map.

Vision list prioritization or which goals to pursue first

I’m have no doubt you’re a very curious person and that you want to try and experience many things in life. There is nothing more fulfilling than following a diverse and rich life experience. One great exercise to do is to make yourself a vision list (or a bucket list) with all the things you want to achieve in life. It can be a simple document, a notebook with pictures or even a Pinterest board. With all the items on the vision list, there is a big question of how to prioritize things you want to achieve and experience. How to decide what to follow first. Which goals should be your number one priority? Like with everything in life, I suggest that you are smart and strategic about it. You have to be one step ahead of life, instincts and randomness. This article will help you to decide which goals …

The only goal setting strategy that really works in the 21st century

I have been testing and experimenting with different goal setting strategies for more than 15 years. I tried more than 10 different systems and they all let me down. Most techniques do help you clarify what you want out of life, but many times they’re nothing but wishful thinking and a useless exercise. Even more, with every day that passes by, these standard goal setting techniques are less effective. The reason is quite simple. The times have become too complex, volatile and fast-changing. The pace of technological, social and political changes is accelerating. That’s why a new framework for setting goals is needed. A modern goal setting framework that works. This article is exactly about that. You will learn how to set goals in a way that is efficient and effective, makes sense and won’t make you feel like a failure if something didn’t work out as planned.

Stupid decisions that can ruin your whole life in a second

No matter where you start, with time good choices lead to a better life and bad choices lead to a low quality of life. You make choices constantly, consciously and unconsciously, and they have a great impact on your life. The smarter choices you make, the better the direction your life is headed in. For a happy and successful life, your smart choices must greatly outweigh the bad ones. Neverthless, it's completely human to make a bad choice from time to time. But what you have to avoid at all cost are big stupid decisions. Stupid decisions are decisions with very small potential gains and a possible colossal negative impact on your life. They’re the opposite of smart risks, which are risks with a small downside and a huge upside. With stupid decisions, you can destroy your life in a matter of seconds.

A place to escape everyday life and reconnect with yourself

We humans are social animals. We need to belong, love and be loved, we need to thrive, create and grow with other human beings. Long periods of isolation lead to nothing but depression, loneliness, poor self-image and other related mental issues. But much like socializing is important, so is regular temporary (active) isolation. If you’re an introvert, temporary isolation is probably something that feels very natural to you. You need it to refill your energy and you have no problem blossoming when you’re alone with books, your thoughts or something else you love and doesn’t involve other people. But even if you’re an extrovert, you can benefit from short-term isolation a lot. It may be a little bit harder to do it in the beginning, but once you see all the benefits, I’m sure you’ll have no problem sticking to it. Let’s look at the main benefits of temporary isolation …