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Welcome to the Productivity & Goals category! You have only two options in life. Either you follow your own goals, or you follow the goals of other people. If you don’t build and follow your own dream life, someone else will try to engage you or hire you to help build theirs.

There’s nothing wrong with helping other people achieve their dreams, but you absolutely want to make sure you also have your own goals and that you live your own dream life.

You want to wake up every day with determination and go to bed with deep satisfaction. You want to be maximally creative during the day and produce, deliver and capture as much value on the markets as possible.

You want to make sure you have many hobbies and personal goals that empower you and make your life worthwhile. It feels so good to be productive, to see the fruits of hard and smart work, and cross things off your vision list.

Blog posts under the Productivity & Goals category will help you make sure that you don’t only have a hunch of what your dream life could be, but to carefully define your dream life and build a superior life strategy and plan for how you will achieve all of your dreams.

Reading blog posts under this category will help you achieve a completely new level of personal performance – an elite productivity and goal achieving oriented daily life, while enjoying the path and hard work.

Many of the productivity and goal setting techniques described in the blog posts are inspired by lean startup and agile development approaches in business. If companies aren’t productive, they go out of business.

Superior innovation and organization are thus an important part of every successful company. So, there is no better way to learn how to be productive than from successful companies.

Everything you need to know about minimalism as the coolest lifestyle

In the past 5 years or so, minimalistic living became something very close to my heart and an important part of my life design and superior personal organization. More and more people are joining this movement, since it’s really one of the coolest and most beneficial lifestyles to follow in today’s cluttered world. In this article, I will describe my experience of going from a messy person who kept every small useless thing to becoming an unhealthy ascetic person and then finally a healthy minimalist, hoping to convince you to also try and experiment with this life design concept. Living a minimalistic lifestyle not only makes room for the important things in life, but it’s also a great weapon against being bombarded with products and sales offers everywhere. Not to mention that minimalism makes your wallet full and happy. After making the first steps towards minimalism, you quickly realize that …

30 Day Challenge – One of the best ways to develop new habits

A 30 Day Challenge is a proven strategy for implementing new healthy habits in life. It’s a great way to try new things, keep life variety high and undertake new challenges without putting too much pressure on yourself. People do all kinds of challenges, for taking better care of their health, doing various type of art or pushing themselves through fears that always hindered their life. You can find many success stories online in different blog posts and forums. If you’ve never done any 30 Day Challenge, you absolutely have to try one. There is no completely fulfilled life without at least one successfully performed 30 Day Challenge. You have to know the extraordinary feeling of being proud of yourself on the last day, right after you complete the 30th repetition; and then you might even stick to the new behavioral pattern, who knows.

Timing is everything – here is how to hit the perfect timing

It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. It’s all about having a good intuition for when the time is ripe for making a move. It’s all about timing. Timing is everything. The good news is that you are the one controlling timing. You are the one taking action. Even if you do nothing, that is your move. You are the one with a specific life strategy and tactics. And you definitely must count timing into your strategy. But to understand timing, you have to first really well understand the connection between your goals and your environment. So let's start exploring how to hit the perfect timing.

Branching and forking – the ultimate way to stay agile in life

Achieving your goals and visions is never a straight line, but always a path full of detours, setbacks, step backs and adjustments. If you want to achieve your goals, you need many creative ideas for how to overcome different obstacles. You often have to innovate your way out of unexpected troubles. Doing the same things over and over again and hoping for a different result is the definition of insanity and absolutely a recipe for big failures and a lot of emotional pain. The best way to stay lean and agile while following your goals is to use the “branching and forking” principle. The principle comes from software development or, more exactly, from versioning control.

Goal journey mapping – The superior strategy to achieve any goal

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is a very popular technique in business to better understand the purchasing process from a customer’s perspective. It’s especially popular for online businesses. It’s a technique that helps companies and organizations improve their customer experience and boost their sales. You can use a very similar approach to develop a superior strategy for the goals you want to achieve in your life. I call it Goal Journey Mapping (GJM) and in this article, we will focus on how to prepare a professional Goal Journey Map..