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Welcome to the Productivity & Goals category! You have only two options in life. Either you follow your own goals, or you follow the goals of other people. If you don’t build and follow your own dream life, someone else will try to engage you or hire you to help build theirs.

There’s nothing wrong with helping other people achieve their dreams, but you absolutely want to make sure you also have your own goals and that you live your own dream life.

You want to wake up every day with determination and go to bed with deep satisfaction. You want to be maximally creative during the day and produce, deliver and capture as much value on the markets as possible.

You want to make sure you have many hobbies and personal goals that empower you and make your life worthwhile. It feels so good to be productive, to see the fruits of hard and smart work, and cross things off your vision list.

Blog posts under the Productivity & Goals category will help you make sure that you don’t only have a hunch of what your dream life could be, but to carefully define your dream life and build a superior life strategy and plan for how you will achieve all of your dreams.

Reading blog posts under this category will help you achieve a completely new level of personal performance – an elite productivity and goal achieving oriented daily life, while enjoying the path and hard work.

Many of the productivity and goal setting techniques described in the blog posts are inspired by lean startup and agile development approaches in business. If companies aren’t productive, they go out of business.

Superior innovation and organization are thus an important part of every successful company. So, there is no better way to learn how to be productive than from successful companies.

5Ts – Elements you should look for in your environment

Your current position in different areas of life is the result of who you are – your genes, behavioral patterns, values and beliefs, decisions etc. and environment, from the  people you spend time with to your company culture, the industry you work in, market trends, government, and so on. Your environment determines your potential as much as you determine it with your own personal power. The environment as a system can either empower your ambitions or stifle them. In many cases, people who thrive in a certain environment would suffer in another kind of environment. A corrupt politician does better in

A short morning meeting with yourself

The most popular agile development framework is called Scrum. An important part of the Scrum process is the so-called Daily Scrum. The Daily Scrum is a very short meeting with a team before the work begins, especially meant to coordinate team effort and overcome eventual roadblocks. The meeting shouldn’t last longer than 15 minutes and it not only coordinates, it also contributes a lot to keeping a strong working momentum, motivation and communication. The meeting agenda is very simple and straightforward. Every team member answers the following three questions: What have you done since the last meeting? What are you

Morning and evening habits and rituals

You make hundreds upon hundreds of smaller and bigger decisions about your life and your future every day. A lot of those decisions are more or less the same every day. They’re called habits and we are creatures of habits. Our habits are what defines us most, especially in the long term; because they accumulate. There are actually two ways of succeeding in your life or messing it up: You make one big right or wrong decision (for example what you study, who you marry, the friends you choose, the markets you operate in, etc.) You make right or wrong

Mind the process phases

Before getting to any event you want in life, you must first invest into the process. The process is what leads you to a certain event you want in life (getting rich, getting in shape, getting a dream job etc.) and it has specific phases. Most people are simply too impatient and disrespectful of the whole process (and the phases even more so) to ever come to the final event, the outcome they really desire. Because it’s not easy. A process means you have to get educated, have a strategy, it takes smart and hard work, you have to fail,

Process versus event

There are two ways to get the things you want in life. One way, the very easy one, is that someone gives it to you. You inherit it, you win the lottery, you get lucky, your family or someone else simply gives it to you. You may have gotten good genes, you may have been born in a rich family, you may fall in love with the right person right away, you may have been born with good looks or intelligence. There’s nothing wrong with that, but almost nobody on Earth is born with all their big desires fulfilled; and