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Welcome to the Personal development category on this blog. You are here on this planet for four basic reasons – (1) to create value, (2) to enjoy life, (3) to connect with other people and to (4) learn and grow.

The “learn and grow” part of the mission you have in your life is the duty to become the best version of yourself and leave a positive legacy behind. And the way to become the best version of yourself is to commit to regular personal development and constant improvement.

Personal development is about getting to know yourself, examining your life and your past, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and then building strong foundations for a happy and successful life in the future. Day by day, you improve different areas of life and your character, and over time that accumulates in great results and accomplishments.

The good news is that improving yourself is a rewarding and fun experience by itself. Well, personal development is far from an easy task, but when you learn to enjoy the path itself and accept your limits, personal development becomes one of the most divine experiences on the planet – because you positively influence your own life, the people around you and maybe even succeed in making a dent in the universe.

There is no greater legacy than changing the world by changing yourself.

This category is a collection of blog posts dedicated to general personal development. The articles below are organized by date published. If you want to just skim the headlines of the articles to find the right one for yourself, go ahead.

But if you want to learn everything about personal development in a systematic step-by-step way, I suggest you go to the Personal development track, where personal development blog posts are grouped logically by different sub-topics of personal development.

Always have something to look forward to

Make sure you never lose hope. Never ever. No matter how difficult your situation is, no matter how hard life knocked you down, never give up. Never stop hoping for a better future. There is always a way to go forward, there is always a step to make towards a better life, there is always something to look forward to. Instead of drowning in misery and cursing life, take a piece of paper and list all the things you can look forward to. People to meet, things to read, a new project to initiate or things to create, the sun on your face, a tasty meal, a visit to the gym or a cup of coffee. List at least 50 things. There are so many big and small things you can look forward to. Every day, without exceptions. Things to look forward to will definitely strengthen your hope.

Design the perfect life you want

Design is everywhere and it’s an important part of life. Design is not only about how things look, but also about how we put them together, how we innovate, what’s the overall experience and what kind of a feeling it evokes. Design is about harmony. In this blog post, I want to talk about a special kind of design. I want to talk about a design where you are the lead designer, even if design is something completely alien to you or you never considered yourself to be a designer. But you are. You are the designer of your own life.

The hard road becomes easy with time

I talk so much about the easy and hard roads in my blog posts (the exact quote: the easy road becomes hard with time and the hard road becomes easy) that it’s time for me to clarify what exactly I mean with it. It’s one of the most important lessons of life, illustrating why it’s so important to always make smart decisions, big or small.

There are only two types of problems

There are only two types of problems you can have in life – the real ones and the sweet ones. Wealth accumulates. Fame concentrates. Happiness consolidates. Success brings success. The minority of people at the top get most of the sexual, media or any other kind of attention. And vice-versa applies. Health problems multiply. Financial problems can easily enlarge. A collapse in one area of life usually also collapses other areas. With the right life strategy, hard work and smart work, make sure you will only have to deal with the sweet problems.

It never gets easier. You just get better.

It never gets easier. You only get better. But you even don’t really want things to get easier. Because when things aren’t that easy, you can fight, you can improve, you can celebrate early wins and achieve new heights. But when things get too easy, you soften, you lose focus and sharpness, you start stagnating and soon drown in misery of standing still. Love the challenges of life. Undertake them with all your zeal.