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Welcome to the Personal development category on this blog. You are here on this planet for four basic reasons – (1) to create value, (2) to enjoy life, (3) to connect with other people and to (4) learn and grow.

The “learn and grow” part of the mission you have in your life is the duty to become the best version of yourself and leave a positive legacy behind. And the way to become the best version of yourself is to commit to regular personal development and constant improvement.

Personal development is about getting to know yourself, examining your life and your past, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and then building strong foundations for a happy and successful life in the future. Day by day, you improve different areas of life and your character, and over time that accumulates in great results and accomplishments.

The good news is that improving yourself is a rewarding and fun experience by itself. Well, personal development is far from an easy task, but when you learn to enjoy the path itself and accept your limits, personal development becomes one of the most divine experiences on the planet – because you positively influence your own life, the people around you and maybe even succeed in making a dent in the universe.

There is no greater legacy than changing the world by changing yourself.

This category is a collection of blog posts dedicated to general personal development. The articles below are organized by date published. If you want to just skim the headlines of the articles to find the right one for yourself, go ahead.

But if you want to learn everything about personal development in a systematic step-by-step way, I suggest you go to the Personal development track, where personal development blog posts are grouped logically by different sub-topics of personal development.

If you are a perfectionist, learn to be satisfied with good enough

I am a big perfectionist, often caught in all-or-nothing thinking. They are both (perfectionism as well as black & white thinking) severe cognitive distortions, probably the most frequent ones in the general population, and they hinder the quality of life to a great extent. A thinking and mindset upgrade to properly manage these two distortions is mandatory, especially for unlocking a whole new happiness level in life. The most important question is how to do that. In this article, you will find the answer to how to successfully fight with your chronic perfectionism. An illuminating concept that helped me deal with perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking is called “good enough”. This model of thinking emphasizes that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it only has to be good enough. It completely changed my life. Now I never go for perfect, I always rather settle for good enough, even if I still …

Imagine Sisyphus happy

Sisyphus is a figure in Greek Mythology, a wise and cunning king who committed crimes against Gods, and was thus condemned to eternal hard labor. His everlasting punishment was to roll a big rock uphill, only to watch it roll back down for the sake of doing the job again and again. Hard, frustrating, exhausting and meaningless labor without end. But Sisyphus manages to push the rock all the way to the summit, again and again. Without any failure. In a way we could say that Sisyphus is successful. Bruce Lee was definitely a Sisyphus, that’s why he said he’s not afraid of a man who practiced 10,000 kicks one time, but of a man who practiced one single kick 10,000 times. I bet Sisyphus became the best mountain rock carrier.

The only solution on the table if you are feeling stuck

Many times, we feel stuck in life. You may feel like you are stuck in a relationship, in a job or in life in general. It happens to all of us. It’s a shitty mixture of feeling paralyzed, depressed, overwhelmed, hopeless, being in doubt about the future and many other similar negative feelings. You may not have suicidal thoughts, but feeling stuck can often go even so far that you may just want things to be over (with your life). It’s definitely not a pleasant feeling. You usually get stuck after making a series of bad decisions. It can be a few major bad decisions like getting into business with the wrong person, making a big bad investment etc. or several small bad decisions like not taking care of your body daily, drinking too much alcohol, not following your True North, ignoring your feelings etc. No wonder that people most …

Valley of Death – where your dreams go to die

Every single startup has to go through the Valley of Death very early after being born. The same goes for personal goals and dreams. Unfortunately, around 80 % or even more businesses die in the Valley of Death; and the same goes for people’s goals and dreams. Getting trapped or lost in the Valley of Death means that startups and people die (inside) or at least turn into zombies. The Valley of Death is a place where it gets tested who has the character to succeed and who doesn’t, it gets tested who really deserves it and who doesn’t. The Valley of Death is a place where you must show that you want it badly enough, that you will never give up, that you will learn, improve, adjust, play smarter and smarter, and somehow find a way through the Valley reaching the safe side.

When you need to reprogram yourself and fix brain bugs

Your body is the hardware and your brain is the piece of hardware that runs the code - software. You’ve inherited and acquired your code with genes, primary and secondary socialization, through main authoritative relationships in your youth, different early life experiences, trends in your environment, culture, friends, and so on. Most of the code (your character) that defines how you operate in your adult life was written in the first 7 years of your life. In a healthy environment, with many healthy relationships and positive behavioral patterns, you take over lines of biological code that are positive, productive, assertive. But if you are raised in a very toxic environment, your code can be seriously malfunctioning and damaged. That kind of a malfunctioning code leads to developing personality traits that are harmful to you and even others. The good news is that you have the power to reprogram yourself, to …