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Welcome to the Passion & Emotions category on this blog. Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away. In other words, your life is either daring adventure full of exciting experiences, or nothing. What makes life so colorful and remarkable are emotions.

Events and experiences loaded with positive emotions are the ones that usually make our lives worthwhile – when we create, climb mountains, dive oceans or feel a deep connection with people, these are all moments that stay with us forever and that people love to remember in their final years of life.

Welcome to the Passion & Emotions category. We all want to be logical beings, but we are driven by emotions. Emotions are the ones that motivate us and help us persevere through tough challenges, emotions are the ones driving us across oceans to be united with our loved ones, emotions help us survive and avoid danger.

They lead us down the right path and help us understand, relate and connect with others. They can also make our lives very tough, but only if we don’t know how to properly manage them.

This is where emotional intelligence comes into play. A person with a high EQ has a great capacity to be aware of, control and express their emotions.

In addition to that, a high EQ means having good skills in interpersonal relationships when it comes to emotions – from being empathic, sympathetic and supportive, to being able to transform negative relationship energies into positive ones.

The Passion & Emotions category is devoted to blog posts that explain the importance of emotions in our lives and how to make sure that severe negative emotions aren’t hindering your life and potential, but are rather making it worthwhile.

This category is all about how to improve your emotional intelligence in terms of understanding your own feelings and relating to feelings of others, and how to live a passionate life.

A simple trick to express negative emotions in a mature way

Every single person on the planet has to deal with negative emotions. Your goal is neither to suppress them nor to completely wipe them out. Your ultimate goal is to learn to properly manage your emotions and make sure they aren’t doing the damage – that means (1) becoming aware of the negative emotions before reacting, (2) controlling your reactions and then (3) expressing them in the healthiest way possible. In this blog post you will learn how to achieve that.

Immediately stop wasting your life

You only have one life. You’re going to die. That should be the greatest motivation ever. One day, you are going to look back and get to the bottom line of what you’ve done with your life. It will be either the final moment of internal regret or the moment of the deepest feelings of gratefulness that you ever experienced. In that moment, there will be no way of going back and changing things. Your decisions today and tomorrow are the only things that will lead to one of those two scenarios. Make sure it won’t be regret. Make sure you don’t turn into a zombie. Make sure you never stop fighting. Make sure you never settle. Make sure you always stay hungry and that you always stay foolish. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Emotional roller-coaster

It’s widely known that building a startup is like a wild emotional roller-coaster ride. One moment, you’re in the depths of despair and the other, you’re on top of the world; and in between, you’re hopefully enjoying an adrenaline filled journey. It can even happen that you’re at the peak of positive emotions and at the very bottom a few times in a single day. You get a new client. Excellent. One of your biggest clients starts complaining about your service. Yikes. You release a successful update for your product. Hooray. Someone in your team has a bad day and

How does it feel to be an emotional midget

I completely agree with you: the more appropriate term would probably be an “emotionally immature” or “emotionally insecure” person or whatever. Anyway, I like to call it being an emotional midget. Because it’s kind of funny and sarcastic, and consequently doesn’t overburden the ego. Humor is always a nice way of dealing with difficult topics. Being emotionally retarded or emotionally challenged sounds a little too harsh, on the other hand, or maybe implies even more that you can’t do anything about it – and that’s wrong, because you can (if you have growth mindset and follow kaizen philosophy). If you’re

What I have learned from my biggest failures in life

They all say you shouldn’t be afraid to fail, since failure is an integral part of success; if you want to succeed, you simply have to go from failure to failure without giving up. Next to that, we can also find a very popular view on failure saying that you can usually learn much more from your failures than you can from your successes. Both statements are true in a way. But what you’ll hear much more rarely is that failing really sucks. It sucks big time. It hurts, it hinders your self-confidence and you feel really shitty about yourself