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Welcome to the Marketing & Sales category. Sales and marketing are everything. No matter your job title, you are in marketing and sales. At least if you want to stay in business, grow (with) your company, land a dream job or be promoted.

If you don’t know how to build a personal brand, how to sell your own ideas and all the competences you can provide and of course sell, and how to market actual products and services, you will rarely get noticed on the market.

Creating value is about innovating and solving problems. Delivering value means clearly and assertively communicating what value you can provide. Capturing value means getting paid for value created and delivered.

When it comes to delivering value, there are two simple rules: (1) No money equals no value created. And the second, (2) if you believe in yourself or the company you work for, you should never work a day in your life without selling. If you believe in something, sell it and sell it hard.

Under this category, you will find a collection of blog posts that will teach you all about personal branding and about authentic non-intrusive marketing and sales in general.

Marketing is everything

Markets respect only three things, no matter your age, race or any other factor: creating value, delivering value and capturing value. Creating value means product innovation, delivering value means marketing innovation and capturing value means “no money, no value” or revenue model innovations. You can be innovative on all three levels and all this combined is called the business model generation. Capturing value is the final act of product development, a reality check for how good you are at innovating and at delivering value. Market gives you feedback concerning how much your work is worth in dollars. But there’s a lot

The pirate AARRR way to your true love and perfect job

Marketing and sales are extremely important parts of life, not only in business, but also in your personal life. Marketing is basically everything. You only have two options. Either you get to the top 1 % of the world by doing something, like Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga or whoever else did, and marketing happens all by itself as a side-effect of who you are and what you do, or you have to work hard on developing competences and marketing by yourself. I would bet on the latter, since it may also be the way to the top 1 %. The