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New design and blog posts coming in Summer 2018

Dear readers, lately I’ve been swamped with consulting work and management coaching. Even more importantly, I’ve become a father and I want to devote as much of my free time as possible to my son. Consequently, I’m taking a little break from blogging. Nevertheless, I still have a long pipeline of blog posts to write. So, I’m planning to start publishing again during the summer (with a blog redesign, more focused content and my first online course). Summertime will be perfect for coming up with fresh, even more valuable content when the consulting and coaching workload is more manageable. In

Relationship circles – The most important diagram of your life

Research shows that if you had to choose one variable that influences the quality of your life the most, it would be relationships. It’s not money or fame or good looks, it’s relationships. People who are deeply connected to their friends, family, co-workers and even the local community live longer, are healthier, happier, more fulfilled and live a better life in general. The good life. A very good start to relationship proactivity is to map all the people who are present in your life. List all the 150 or so people that interact with on a regular basis and then arrange them in four categories; actually, in four different types of circles, based on how close they are to you.

Life as a narrative driven by dominant thoughts

Psychological research shows that with storytelling, we make sense of our identities. We put different stories from our life into a narrative, which enables us to understand our lives as a coherent whole. And coherence gives meaning to life. The coherent story you’re telling yourself about your life is called the “narrative identity”. Like every good story, the “narrative identity” also has positive and negative events that determine the plot, challenges that need to be overcome, people who help and block efforts, and the denouement of some form of pain, conflict and struggle. Even more importantly, your life narrative is not a sum of everything that happened to you in the past. You tend to focus on a few extraordinary events, positive or negative ones. These are the experiences that shape your personality the most.