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Welcome to the Health & Biohacking category! We all agree how important health is. And at the same time, we all often neglect our health until we crash or become very ill. Only then do we start to really value health. But when it comes to health, prevention is a way better life strategy than cure. Luckily it doesn’t take a lot to take good care of your health.

There are three fundamentals of taking care of your health – (1) regular exercise, (2) healthy diet and (3) moderate lifestyle. It doesn’t take much effort to exercise a few times per week, and you feel excellent after it. Remember, you are always only one workout away from the god mode.

And a healthy diet in combination with regular exercise brings you high energy levels, good digestion, glowing skin and loss of excessive fat. You can finally be proud of yourself when you look in the mirror.

We all assume that it takes a great sacrifice to take good care of your health, but that isn’t true. All you have to do are small daily investments that accumulate into a healthy body, mind and soul in the long term. I was obese, absolutely hated exercise and sports, Wiener Schnitzel with French fries was my favorite food, and I puffed like a shunting engine when I had to walk up 20 stairs.

My health was in a terrible condition, even though I hated to admit that. So a few years ago, I decided to take better care of my health. Today, broccoli is my favorite food, my favorite sport is hiking, and I went from obese to a normal BMI. I read many books about health, tested many different diets and sports and under this category, I share everything I learn.

Besides that, we live in amazing times with all the technology giving you the feedback on what’s happening to your body when you make lifestyle changes. It’s called biohacking or biofeedback. Biofeedback is a big part of quantifying self and better understanding how certain actions affect your health as an individual.

Your body is unique, and the first step towards better health is understanding yourself and your body. Solid health metrics that measure your improvements can be a great source of motivation and understanding what works best for your body so you can progress in the fastest way.

That’s what Health & Biohacking category is all about – a healthy lifestyle based on measuring different data that can help you make smart decisions about which sports to take, which food to eat based on what pattern, how to sleep well and, in the end, how to maximize your energy levels.

How to get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is the part of life when you recharge your batteries and gather new strengths, especially to overcome daily challenges. A sufficient amount of sleep is necessary for functioning creatively, leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying everyday life. But oftentimes, you don’t give enough time to sleep, convinced that you’ll be able to do more throughout the day. However, in the long run, you’re actually doing yourself a lot of harm with a lack of sleep. Both your productivity and your creative abilities fall, you’re significantly more irritable and sensitive, and a lack of sleep can also lead to chronic

My experience with a smart scale

The hardest part of living the Agile and Lean Life is measuring everything. It’s very true that you can manage only what you can measure, but it takes a lot of time, energy and mental resources to set the right set of metrics and then really measure them daily. The good news is that with the concept of biofeedback and smart connected devices (or IoT if you want) and many different applications, you can much more easily pay attention to what’s happening with your body as well as with your emotions or your wallet or whatever. One of the basic devices you


In its broadest sense, biofeedback is an important and popular trend that can help you stay healthy and have a better quality of life. When I talk about biofeedback, I’m talking about using or being connected to electrical devices and sensors that help you to receive information (feedback) about your body (bio). That’s the simple reason why it’s called biofeedback. Having information about your current state of the body can help you take action and achieve the health result you want more easily, for example reducing the pain and stress level or enhancing your physical performance. The greater the awareness