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The only goal setting strategy that really works in the 21st century

I have been testing and experimenting with different goal setting strategies for more than 15 years. I tried more than 10 different systems and they all let me down. Most techniques do help you clarify what you want out of life, but many times they’re nothing but wishful thinking and a useless exercise. Even more, with every day that passes by, these standard goal setting techniques are less effective. The reason is quite simple. The times have become too complex, volatile and fast-changing. The pace of technological, social and political changes is accelerating. That’s why a new framework for setting goals is needed. A modern goal setting framework that works. This article is exactly about that. You will learn how to set goals in a way that is efficient and effective, makes sense and won’t make you feel like a failure if something didn’t work out as planned.

To thrive, build yourself a motivational environment

I’ve seen it over and over again. A weak character in a strong environment, with lots of support and positive role models, starts to flourish. On the other hand, the strongest and brightest character in a bad environment gets corrupted and shady. The environment around you is leading you to a certain kind of outcomes, because it influences your decisions and which part of your character gets emphasized. So it makes sense to deal a lot with the environment you operate in as part of continuous improvement and personal growth. Especially because you also have the power to change it to a certain extent. Much like you are a product of your environment, so is the environment a product of you.

Upgrade your mindset to the superhuman version

You become what you think. Changing your thoughts is the only way you can really change your life to a more positive course and it’s the only way to live the good life you really want. If you want to make positive changes in your life, you really do have to start by upgrading your mindset and the way you think. In this ultimate guide to mindset management you will get access to all the necessary hacks tools that can help you live your dream life, simply by more properly managing your thoughts. Welcome to the ultimate guide that will teach you how to upgrade your mindset – to the superhuman version.

The best tricks and techniques for relieving stress fast

There is a very simple recipe for slowly destroying a human life on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The only thing you have to do is to put a person under severe stress and pressure for a longer period of time. It can happen at work if a boss is an asshole or incompetent, at home if family members are acting abusively or even on both sides of life. It’s extreme agony where you have to face more and more health issues, severe negative emotions, loss of vitality, low energy levels, and all that leads to an exhausted body, isolation, irritability, unhappiness and drowning in self-pity. Learn how to efficiently cope with stress once and for all!

The real secrets to outstanding communication

The only path to outstanding relationships in your personal and professional life is outstanding communication. Consequently, excelling in communicational skills is absolutely one of the most important skills you can possess, if not the skill number one. In this blog post, you will learn these few core concepts that will make you a great communicator. Not only great, an outstanding communicator. If you decide to implement them in everyday life, your professional and personal relationships will start to blossom.