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Welcome to The Career & Work category. This category is all about the following quote said by Freud: Love and work, work and love, that’s all there is. You spend more than 1/3 of your life at work.

Work should present an opportunity for you to create value, express yourself, contribute to the society, love what you do and do different things that you are good at (talented for). But at the same time, work should also enable you to earn enough money for a decent living.

But unfortunately, many people get caught in lousy jobs they hate, going to work only for money. By accumulating debt, not investing enough in themselves, and lacking the courage to expose themselves to better opportunities, they get stuck in a rat race that makes their lives more miserable every day.

It’s a form of contemporary slavery that nobody deserves. You weren’t born to work in order to pay your bills and then die.

The Career & Work category is dedicated to blog posts that will teach you how to build a successful career based on your talents and things you love to do in life, while making enough money to escape the rat race and living from paycheck to paycheck.

Blog posts below are ordered by date published. Enjoy reading the articles and may they inspire you to improve your Career & Work life.

How to find a mentor who will accelerate your success

I’ve seen it over and over again in professional and personal life – finding an outstanding mentor can save you years of hard work, of trying to figure out how things work, what to focus on and how you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible, hoping to enjoy success in younger years. Many times having a mentor makes all the difference between making it in life or not. Learn how to find yourself an outstanding mentor that will accelerate your success.

Markets always win

In capitalism, there’s only one really important rule. Markets always win. You stand zero chances if you go against the market. Markets determine a big part of your life. If you choose the right markets, things will go well for you; if not, you’ll experience only struggle, pain and failure. You may fight against the market for years and at the end, you’ll probably be brutally knocked out to the floor, no matter how competent you are. You may lose everything and markets will laugh right in your face. The brutal thing is that even if you don’t want to

Your competence level

Your competence level is basically an accumulation of internal resources in your past. The more internal resources that you accumulated in the past, the more competent you are. The good thing is that competences accumulate over time, and thus a potential for exponent growth and compounding exists. Today, in the creative society, competence is the biggest safety and advantage you can really have, and the main source of self-actualization, meaning doing work you really enjoy; and it doesn’t matter if you’re starting your journey as independent entrepreneur, freelancer or are employed. The higher your competence level is, the more you

The big difference between smart work and hard work

The idea that you should work smarter, not only harder isn’t anything new. When talking about the difference between smart and hard work it’s pretty simple to explain what working hard means. If you want to be successful in the long run, you have to put long hours into work. You have to start early, before all other people, and you have to stay up late, when everyone else is already enjoying their afternoons and evenings. On the other hand, it’s really hard to find very clear guidelines on what working smart really means and how it’s different from hard work.

T-shaped skills in every area of your life

While the concept of T-shaped skills is not so new, it is now more important than ever. The world is becoming more and more complex and T-shaped skills are a razor that can cut through all the complexity. Your T-shaped skillset must constantly become broader (- general knowledge) and narrower (| specialized knowledge) as the world becomes more complex, nevertheless having T-shapes skills is one of the biggest competitive advantage you can have in the creative society when contributing value for the markets or when achieving your goals. Let’s see why.  Well, to really understand the whole story, we have to go from