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Welcome to The Brainpower & Skills category. This category consists of all the articles teaching you how to become more resourceful and competent. You are the investment with the highest potential yield in your life you will ever find, and that means you must regularly invest in yourself and your skills. The more you invest in yourself, the more rewards you can enjoy.

There is a simple reason why. With inner resources (knowledge, skills etc.), you can always create more outer resources (money, status etc.). And even if you lose your (outer) assets, you can always rebuild them with enough competences and knowledge.

If you believe in yourself, you will invest in yourself and then make sure that your investment pays off with proper market transactions.

There are two important ways to develop your inner resources. (1) The first way is to get the most out of your brain. That includes learning how to study properly, developing creative and analytical skills, and taking good care of your brain.

(2) The second way is to develop competences that are in short supply on the market and in high demand. You have to become dedicated to lifelong learning, constantly developing new skills, acquiring new knowledge, and improving yourself by finding new ways how to do things better. Blog posts under this category will teach you all that.

The creative society worships talented people, and blog posts below will teach you how to join the talented ones.

Different types of intelligence and why your IQ is not fixed

One of the greatest assets you can have in today’s post-information society is being smart. Intelligence is an important resource that can bring you status, respect, academic and career advancements, better earning potential, new ways to create and contribute to the world and let’s not forget the capacity to forge better strategies and make smarter decisions. Being intelligent doesn’t guarantee these things and it’s sometimes not even a mandatory factor, but it absolutely does help.Since intelligence is an extremely important asset, there is always one question in the forefront – is intelligence inherited and fixed, or can it somehow be improved with the right resources and environment, even when you’re older? These are all the issues, questions and dilemmas we will try to answer in this blog post, all with the goal of helping you gain insights into how you can maximize your intellectual potential and become smarter.

How to generate great ideas that everybody will envy you

If you want to have a successful career in today’s creative society, you must have a constant flow of great ideas. You must become an idea person with an execution-oriented mindset. When a new problem appears, you must have the skills to come up with unique solutions and bring them to life. At every step, you have to see the potential for how things could be improved. Even more, from time to time you should “live in the future” and then help build what’s missing. And you know what, achieving all that is actually pretty easy. Having great ideas is a personality characteristic that can be developed. If you become the right sort of person, you will have the right sort of hunches; you will get the right type of brilliant ideas that everybody will love. In this blog post, you will learn exactly how to achieve that.

How to improve your analytical skills to make smarter life decisions

The post-information age we live in today is called the creative society. The name already implies how important and well-cherished creativity is. Everybody talks about constant innovation, having visions for the future, brainstorming brilliant ideas and expressing your unique artistic soul. But innovations must be in line with market paradigms and people’s needs, visions must be backed up by strategic plans, brilliant ideas have to be systematically tested, and it’s never enough to only be different, you also have to be better. That’s where analytical skills come into play. Luckily, much like anybody can become (more) creative, so you can improve your analytical skills.

How to become more creative – the secrets nobody told you about

Every single human being possesses a flow of creative energy, including you. It’s not even a question of whether you can be creative or not, since the answer is absolutely yes. The much more sensible question is how to learn to identify, nurture and express the creative energy that resides in you. In this article, you will learn exactly that – how to become more creative. No matter if you see yourself as a creative person or not, whether you are terrified of expressing yourself or you are the boldest artist there is, after reading this article you will acquire many ideas for how to completely awaken the creative part of your personality and then leverage it to your advantage.

The best foods for your brain – to improve memory and focus

Your IQ might be more or less fixed, but there are so many ways how you can get more out of your brains – by mastering learning skills and then constantly learning new things you can develop greater crystalized intelligence, by optimizing your working memory you can be more productive, creative and learn faster in the moment, and by repeatedly performing certain intellectual tasks (practicing) you get really good at them. One way to additionally optimize performance of your brain is to eat healthy brain foods. Now, eating brain foods won’t double your smarts, but it might fine-tune your mental performance just a little bit. Most of all, you will have more energy to perform mental tasks during the day. Imagine your brain like a high-end car that needs the best gas and oil. Your brain deserves the best, like you do.