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Welcome to The Agile & Lean Life category. This category is a collection of all blog posts about applying advanced startup management and software development techniques in personal life to improve personal productivity and odds of success.

Why is that important? There is no harder challenge in business than to build a new disruptive high-tech startup. Building a new startup doesn’t only take courage, innovative ideas and attracting a lot of funding, but also a systematic scientific approach to finding the right product – the market fit.

Managing personal life and becoming successful is also not a piece of cake. Many techniques, approaches and lessons from the lean startup and agile development can be applied to personal life. They can help you achieve a completely new level of personal performance, productivity and success.

Sounds interesting? Before browsing the articles posted under this category, I suggest you read the main idea of how you can benefit from the transference of advanced business knowledge to personal life management.

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Besides that, the AgileLeanLife productivity track also offers a collection of other productivity tips and tricks, outside the scope of agile and lean life.

Don’t worry about failure, because you only have to be right once

Like there’s the rule that you are always wrong before you are right, in the same way there is a rule that you only have to be right once. You need to develop ONE competence based on your talents that is in high demand and low supply. You need to find ONE spouse who fits you perfectly and you can build a dream life together. You need to find ONE sport that you don’t dislike and have no troubles doing daily. You have to find ONE diet that enables you to maintain weight and feel energized. You need ONE business idea that works. You only have to be right once.

Wrong assumptions are the mother of all fuckups

You make assumptions all the time, you can’t avoid this phenomenon. It’s the way we humans operate, it’s how our brains function. Therefore, it’s impossible not to make any assumptions. The problem arises when you believe that your assumptions are the truth. But they are not, they’re only assumptions. That’s why you constantly need to keep testing your assumptions. You have to see life as a playground, where you have to test what works and what doesn’t. Based on your findings, you have to constantly adjust your life strategy and actions.

Optimize your life for productivity and flexibility

The contemporary environment is becoming so complex, turbulent and fast-changing that a third elements of success needs to be added to the superior organization and disruptive innovation of superior entities. Startup world, as the part of the business world that’s most exposed to the unstable environment, is already adding this new third element – with agile and lean techniques. The sooner you add this third element to your life or the organization you’re running, the better off you’ll be. I’m talking about flexibility of course, and in this article you will learn how to develop and keep flexibility in personal life as the ultimate competitive advantage. If you aren’t flexible by nature, this article is a must read.


You can find a lot of information about Kaizen, the basic Kaizen rules as well as more specialized Kaizen rules for teams on this blog. Now let’s look at the same topic from a slightly different perspective. Let’s talk about the so-called Anti-Kaizen. It’s a toxic mindset and includes all the limited beliefs that prevent any kind of improvement and progress. Before we go to Anti-Kaizen, make sure you remember all the Kaizen rules. The best thing you can do is to download and print the rules and stick them to a visible place in your home or your office.

Kaizen rules for teams

Today, teams are the ones winning the most important battles in life, not individuals. Members of outstanding families have an outstanding emotional life, outstanding teams at the workplace achieve the best results in business, and so on. You simply can’t succeed alone today, you need a team of people around you, supplementing your weaknesses and supporting you through tough times. But in order to have an outstanding team in an outstanding organization, be it company or family, you need to nurture outstanding culture. A culture eats every strategy and goal for breakfast. Every outstanding culture known to man today is