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Are you looking for someone to help you start, grow, optimize or reorganize your business? You've come to the right place. I’m more than just a business consultant.

I deliver results based on combining knowledge from psychology, management 3.0 and agile software development, lean startup philosophy, traditional management, but also by understanding new technologies, global trends and how they can all accelerate growth and expansions.

Why should you trust me as a business consultant?

AgileLeanLife - Business Consulting - Blaz KosI dedicated my life to helping individuals and companies grow, optimize and improve. In the past 10 years, I’ve helped more than 300 companies from all over the world to achieve their core business goals.

I helped 52 companies secure more than $4.5 million from venture capital investors. I successfully managed several of my own startups and failed one or two. I managed a business angel network, was an investment manager at a VC fund and the manager of a startup accelerator.

I’ve written more than 100 business/annual plans. I’ve prepared more than 100 business models, investment pitches or customer discovery processes. Building businesses and helping companies grow has always been one of my major passions. I won numerous awards for my speaking and consulting engagements.

There is absolutely a way for me to help your company grow or optimize it to perform better.

The areas of business consulting that I provide are:

  1. Developing new products using the lean startup methodology
  2. Optimizing business processes and core business functions
  3. Business planning and market analysis
  4. Company’s growth strategies
  5. Digital and content strategies
  6. Starting your own online business
  7. Developing startup ecosystems

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1. Developing new products using the lean startup methodology

AgileLeanLife - Consulting Services - The Lean StartupIn the past decade, a new set of methodologies and recommendations arose as an answer to the big risk of new product launch and startup company failure, with the goal of dramatically decreasing business and market risks.

It’s the lean startup methodology, favoring experimentation over business planning, immediate customer feedback over the entrepreneur’s intuition, and gradual cyclical and agile product development in collaboration with the market (based on the build – measure – learn feedback loop).

The lean startup methodology, together with concepts such as “pivot” and “minimum viable product”, is increasingly in use, amongst startups as well as in big companies and non-profit organizations, namely everywhere where a new product needs to be developed in highly uncertain circumstances.

I have personally seen hundreds of startups and new products fail using traditional techniques, and dozens of startups and new products succeed just because they were agile and lean.

Although to be fair, agile and lean practices must be mixed with some traditional management techniques in order to really work well, especially when the business is becoming more and more mature and established. Leveraging knowledge from both worlds, traditional and new, is the winning combination in business today.

That’s exactly what I do. I know all the tools from traditional entrepreneurial practice and I’m a consultant who’s highly experienced in the lean startup and agile development practices. I help companies use both to achieve the highest probabilities of success on the market.

Helping your company develop a new product using the lean startup methodology consists of the following services (depending on the stage and what you have already covered):

  • Defining the company’s vision, mission, values and whys
  • Business model canvas, lean canvas and business model innovation
  • The strategy and framework for setting and verifying hypotheses
  • Preparing customer discovery interviews and finding earlyevangelists
  • Building a minimum valuable product and executing pivots
  • Setting innovation accounting metrics
  • Transitioning from the search mode to the execution mode
  • 100-day growth and execution plans

I have all the tools, templates, documents and knowledge necessary to perform all the things mentioned above professionally, accurately and quickly. Here you can read my ultimate lean startup guide.

2. Optimizing business processes and core business functions

AgileLeanLife - Consulting Services - Business OptimizationAs a productivity expert, I help individuals, teams and companies become more productive. On the company level that basically means optimizing business processes and procedures of the core business functions, and creating a company culture with values that lead to high productivity.

Optimizing business processes usually consists of listing all the current processes, projects and rules, interviewing all the people involved, determining the desired goals and better processes, and then preparing a proper plan for positive change and revitalization.

That most often also includes implementation of new software solutions and new principles of management such as agile development.

  • Analysis of the current operating procedures, values and cultural rules
  • Defining the vision, key goals and drivers
  • Competence analysis and defining the gaps
  • Overall process revitalization plan
  • New organizational structure and approach to management
  • Preparing new standard operating procedures for different business functions
  • Establishing IT support for the new processes (time tracking, CRM, project management etc.)
  • Implementation of new rules and values
  • Changing company’s culture (Kaizen philosophy etc.)

3. Business planning, business models and market analysis

AgileLeanLife - Consulting Services - Business PlanningI’m a big advocate of lean business methodologies and agile development, which means concrete data before rhetoric, testing before implementation, and customers before a business plan.

But sometimes, when the customers and solutions are known or the business is already stabilized, traditional planning can prove very valuable. You might also need different types of analysis or a business plan for banks, investors, employees or other stakeholders.

I’ve written more than 100 business plans, market analysis and other business documentation for startups, small and medium enterprises, and blue-chip companies. I already won several awards for business documentations during my studying years at the Faculty of Economics.

With my team of people, we prepare the following documentation:

  • Business plans and yearly plans
  • Financial plans (balance sheet, income statement, cashflow)
  • Customer discovery plans
  • Investment documentation (executive summary, pitch deck etc.)
  • Growth strategies
  • Business models (Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas)
  • Different types of analysis (market, PEST, SWOT, business idea …)
  • Competitor analysis or benchmark study
  • Product feature comparison table
  • Feasibility studies
  • Reorganization strategies and plans
  • Business and operations due diligence

4. Company’s growth strategies

AgileLeanLife - Consulting Services - Growth StrategiesOne of the toughest challenges in business is starting a new company from ground zero. That’s where lean startup practices come into play. A challenge as hard and demanding as starting a new company is managing a company in high growth. In companies that grow fast, processes are usually not yet in place and middle management structures are very fragile.

Fast-growth companies must do a transition from being a garage company to being a mature and stable organization. They must build bulletproof processes and structures around the winning products.

The challenge is that processes and strict procedure‑driven organization can kill creativity and innovation. That means it’s necessary to balance innovation efforts, stability, a data-driven approach and flexibility.

The consulting work I do:

  • Preparing a plan to stabilize the company
  • Preparing annual and 100-day plans for company growth
  • Defining and optimizing business processes of different functions
  • Keeping the company innovative while providing a proper structure and procedures
  • Organizing the company in an agile way
  • Implementing SaaS tools for daily management

I also collaborate with different partners such as Projetech, when customers need implementation of Enterprise Asset Management System such as maximo eam solutions.

5. Content marketing strategies

AgileLeanLife - Consulting Services - Content MarketingI help companies follow all digital trends and paradigms, especially in the field of quality content marketing. I planned and coordinated the development of a few dozen content-rich websites for branding purposes, capturing leads and driving sales.

I’m a strong believer in content marketing and using different online tools to bring new customers into the house. I built two successful blogs and helped many companies form their online strategy.

If you want to rely heavily on content marketing as part of your online presence, let me help you do it the right way, with manageable costs. You don’t need to pay tens of thousands of dollars for growth hackers and expensive digital agencies.

The services I provide in collaboration with my team members are:

  • Complex website architectures that put quality content in focus
  • Content marketing research and strategy (based on keyword research)
  • Content calendars and content creation guides
  • Lead capturing strategy
  • Online competition research
  • Search Engine Optimization consulting
  • Content Marketing Workshops – for marketing people in your company

6. Starting your own online business

AgileLeanLife - Consulting Services - Online BusinessI successfully built several online businesses and an e-commerce site as well as massively failed one online business. I built dozens of websites with quality content that created thousands of leads, and I consulted many companies on how to get the most out of their online presence.

In the past few years, I invested heavily into educating myself about online businesses. I bought numerous courses, read many books and even decided to learn to write a few lines of code by myself. I made many mistakes and I can help you save thousands of dollars if you’re planning to start your own small online business.

I mainly help people:

  • Define the unique value proposition for their website
  • Build their personal brand with blogging
  • Grow e-commerce traffic with content marketing
  • Gain core knowledge about blogging on the WordPress platform

The consulting work I can do for you if you’re planning to start an online business:

  • Developing online business ideas
  • Everything about building a personal or company’s blog
  • Technical consulting for building a blog – hosting, CDNs, CMS etc.
  • Preparing content strategy and content calendar
  • Extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization
  • Promotion using other channels (Social media, paid channels etc.)
  • Setting metrics to measure your online progress
  • Converting traffic into customers

7. Developing startup ecosystems

AgileLeanLife - Consulting Services - Startup EcosystemFor the past 12 years, I have been developing startup ecosystems in Central and Eastern Europe. I helped establish several university incubators, private incubators, technology parks, startup accelerators, business angel networks and VC funds. I helped private and public organizations  develop their strategy, products, services and plan to become part of the innovation and startup ecosystem.

The consulting work I do for startup ecosystem facilitators:

  • Governmental policies for innovation and startup ecosystem development
  • Startup ecosystem analysis – current offer, needs and gaps
  • Product and service development based on the local ecosystem needs
  • Strategies and plans for incubators, investors, technology parks and accelerators
  • Development of niche or vertical accelerators and investment readiness programs
  • Strategies for attracting the right partners and becoming part of the ecosystem
  • Public-private partnership for startup ecosystem development
  • Educational and acceleration programs for startups
  • Co-working space development

Companies I usually work with

Based on the experience I have, I can help most with companies of the following size and type:

  • Startups that have already acquired investments at least 500,000 EUR of venture capital or have become profitable enough to hire help
  • Investors who want to optimize the business they invested in or accelerate their growth
  • High-growth companies that have to do a lot of firefighting and need better processes
  • Mature companies that are launching new products and need a proper lean strategy
  • All types of companies and organizations that want to improve their online content marketing
  • Governments and startup ecosystem facilitators
  • Individuals who have the desire and funds to start an online business

My most frequent clients are companies with between 10 and 100 employees, investors, and startup ecosystem facilitators. The outputs are different kinds of documents, bottom-lines or executive decisions. I always make sure that I deliver results. I’m more than just consultant. I help you form and execute a strategy that really works and brings results.

Thus, companies most often hire me when:

  • They need to write down a clear and action oriented growth strategy, including help with the execution
  • They get stuck on their goals or core projects somehow and need someone to move things forward, usually in a very complex environment
  • There’s a need for change, but change is hard
  • There’s a need for new product development, optimization or digitalization of the organization
  • To gain massive traffic or traction with content marketing

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