Author: Blaz Kos

A no interruptions day – Best time management tip ever

I was inspired by Jason Fried’s TED talk explaining why work doesn’t happen at work. The main reason are constant interruptions – M&Ms, where M&M stands for meetings and managers. At the office, people are constantly interrupting you, be it in person, via phone, e-mail etc. With all the interruptions, the working day ends before you know it, with you having zero productive hours. Sadly not a lot people have the luxury of having several hours of uninterrupted time at the office. That’s why people don’t do real work in their office. The real work is usually done in the

Kanban – Visualize your workflow

The importance of visual elements Let’s start with the importance of visual elements in our lives. People are visual beings. There is more information for our brain to capture in a one single picture than on dozens of pages of text; in addition we can process pictures much faster than words. Brain neurons for our visual perception account for 30 % of brain’s grey matter, compared to only 8 % for hearing neurons and 3 % for touch comprehension. In reality, our brains find it quite complicated to read a text. They first have to decode it letter by letter,