Author: Blaz Kos

Is going to a conference a waste of time?

It might surprise you, but going to a conference can be a huge waste of time. It’s absolutely fun to meet new people at conferences, get a little bit motivated by enthusiastic speakers, acquire new knowledge, drink cocktails at the after-event parties and so on, but… It can be much more productive to acquire knowledge by enrolling into an online course, to perform a targeted sales call rather than meet random people at a conference, and to have fun with people you really deeply care about. I don’t want to be a killjoy, but being out of the office for

Constantly checking daily news could be your main productivity killer

Don't be obsessed with constantly checking daily news. News is history. It already happened. You have almost zero influence on it. The quality of reporting is always questionable. Information in the news is more or less only negative. You don’t want to feed your mind with negative things. Remember, if you want to co-create the future, you need to empty your mind, clear your schedule, and focus on your own visions and goals. You have to feed your mind with creative and useful things. You should make your own news, you should work so well that nobody can’t ignore you, not even the media. That should be your productivity goal. And checking a news site every hour or so gets in the way of you becoming the main success news.

Instant messaging can be in your way of building real connections

As human beings, we’re all wired to build deep connections with other people. We can’t survive without being connected. But we need to be really connected, not only communicate superficially. Poor online communication can never replace real connection. Real connection happens when you spend time with people in person (fully present) and you devote your full attention to them. Real connection happens when you open up to people, actively listen to them, when you show you care about them and being available without interruptions and distractions. Instant messaging apps are a good add-on to regular in-person communication when you already have a deep bond with somebody. Otherwise they can be in your way of building real connections.

How to manage social networks to stay productive

Social networks have become an important part of our everyday lives. Around half of the world’s population use social media, with an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes spent per day on social media. Rare are the people who are not yet hooked on social networking. And it's no secret that social networks can be a big waste of time. Thus I have deactivated and reactivated my social networks many times in the past. But at some point, I stopped bouncing back and forth, decided to keep my social networks active, and to take a really smart approach towards social network management.

A boss who constantly interrupts can completely kill your productivity

Constant interruptions from people and devices are one of the biggest productivity killers. The most challenging interruption to manage from a relationship point of view are your superiors (bosses, managers etc.); or your clients, if you are an entrepreneur. It’s hard to say “no”, “go away” or “leave me alone, I have work to do” to your boss or to a client. It also wouldn’t make sense to say anything like that. As always, you need to take a smarter approach. In this video you will lean a few possible approaches to make sure your boss lets you work in peace.